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What do users say?

"I do not want to miss the acupuncture site anymore, you have all the points, their position and their effects immediately."
Healing Practitioner
I am particularly interested in the part of "knowledge". The question form is ideal for learning.​
My compliment! The high quality, the easy instant access to the acupuncture points on the attractive graphics -
that makes the work much easier.
I do massage, shiatsu and acupressure. Just great, how fast I can see all the information you need. I also use my phone for quick reference. I also like Point Press.
Interested Layman
I really have to praise the portal. It has helped me tremendously with my treatments. And you always discover something new. Despite my 10 years of experience in this field, I am constantly learning. Keep up the good work ... I am very happy that I found these pages.
Thank you for that.
Healing Practitioner
Your website has helped me a lot with my education, which I have successfully passed. Thank you for that.
Healing Practitioner