Gentle massage of the abdominal organs through diaphragmatic breathing

Promotes digestion, energizes and reduces stress.

Imagine the diaphragm like a gentle piston that expands downwards when you inhale.
When you exhale, the diaphragm comes back completely to its resting position and relaxes completely.
Take around 5 to 10 breaths this way.
Decide for yourself about the length and number of breaths.
Here, too, the comfort zone should not be exceeded.
During this exercise it can happen that after a short time you feel the need to go to the toilet.

The following idea is also helpful:
Imagine a balloon inflating your stomach, sides, and back when you inhale. And relax comfortably when you exhale.

The abdominal organs (intestines, liver, spleen, etc.) are gently massaged.
The abdomen, sides and back stretch. Digestion is supported.
Long, deep breaths also help with exam anxiety or other stressful situations.

McConnel says that 6-10 deep breaths per minute for 10 minutes mean that you can even reduce your hypertension.

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