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Tooth and jaw free


LI4 helps as a general pain relief point very well. Even the dentist himself has been helped by the strong pressure of this point. Even for children, pressing the point is a very good guide, because they realize that they can actively do something. LI 4 is on the outside hand as the highest point of the muscle mountain between index finger and thumb

It also helps to look for a posterior molar on the affected side of the upper arm outside the front of a tender pain point and press this and hold for several minutes, until the pain in the arm and at the same time the toothache subsides.
Other pain points are A1 and C. Press firmly for 2 – 3 minutes
A1 lies behind the index finger joint to the middle hand on the thumb side just below the bone.
C is in the middle of the palm, exactly in the middle, between the 2nd and 3rd metacarpal bones.

Points on the face on the affected side: Press each point 40 to 50 times:
St6 lies between the upper and lower jaws in front of the masticatory muscle, which is easy to feel when you bite your teeth.
St7 is a bit higher than St6, below the zygomatic bone and behind the muscle mass in a small hollow.
TW17 lies in a hollow behind the earlobe.

G20 Points on the neck with thumbs on one side of the neck muscle and index and middle fingers on the other side of the neck muscle, just below the back of the head, knead, squeeze or rub the muscle strands 40 to 50 times.

40 to 50 times each:
LI20 right and left close to the nostrils
St3 just below the zygomatic bone, below the pupil.
GV26 lies on the Oberliprinne in the middle over the upper lip.

40 to 50 times each:
CV24 under the middle of the lower lip, just between the lower jaw and the lower lip

St4 close to the corner of the mouth