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Be inventive in your search: e.g. for “sore throat” look 
just first only “neck”. Or for “tinnitus” also “ringing in the ears”
or “ear noises”. Or for “menses” also “menstruation” or “rule” or for abdomen also belly, upper abdomen etc.

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How to proceed For example:
Someone asked me something very special: I can not find anything about “lime-shoulder”.
Answer: Hm, can not find anything?

When searching, you have to be inventive.

To do this, look at Google for this term and recognize what the essential symptoms are called there.
Or you try a more general term
So instead of lime shoulder try “inflammation”. And “shoulder”.

Conclusion: to help against inflammation in general: Voila:

Far points to calm the inflammation,
also suitable for the shoulder:
Sp6, St41, St36 (very good against inflammation in the body),
St38 (important far point for the shoulder!), LI4 (very good effect)
Or very effective on the arm LI11 (!) And TB11 as well as SI6 and SI9,
then also Pe7 (KS7)

Regional points: G21, LI11, TB13, TB14, TB15, SI10, SI14
(maybe if the pain is very big, the other shoulder can be treated as well)
So many points are suitable. Which points are best depends on other symptoms that can be queried.
For this, one reads briefly the meaning of the points and decides for the most appropriate.
If you can not decide right away, try one or the other point on several days to see which one is most effective.
(Advanced users can of course also study and treat TCM syndromes for complex ailments.) See TCM.)
So, all anti-inflammatory items are suitable.
It is very good if you combine 1 – 4 far points with 1 – 4 regional points.
OK? Good luck!