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Treating Digestion


More energy through movement

Not only the digestive system benefits from an increase in energy, but the whole circulation, the lymphatic system and all organs including the “brain” and the skin. Everything works better with more energy. That is why it is important to give the body more energy.

But where to take it?
Right, through more exercise.
But for many people this is a “tricky” topic. One sees the importance of more exercise, but a forest run or a gym or even just gym exercises are for most people, not a tool of their choice. So, what then?

So I found an extremely good way for me to overcome my morning laziness. It can only be something that is really fun. And I can highly recommend this because it really brings joy and momentum into everyday life.
If you belong to those who already have enough exercise in their activity, skip this point and move on to the next point, Energizing Kidney Trajectory.
I call the morning energizing of the body “Empower the body”.

And that goes like this:

Body Dance – The dance of the body

Yes, you have read correctly: Here the body is dancing – without any rules. 

You ask your body, you speak with the body and you have a lot of fun. It is not that you dance with your body, but it is that the body is dancing with you.

It works with everybody, from 4 to 94! 

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