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go through all the menu items in turn, just as you want …

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1. In the menu on the top left, go to “Online / Welcome” or click here.

2. Or get to know the graphics go to “Points / Points on Meridians” or click here

3. Or go for “Points / Points on Body Areas” or click here

4. Or go to “Meridians / What Merdians to Choose for what Symptoms” or click here

5. Or go to “Meridians / Breath Therapy” (will be getting exciting extensions soon) or click here

6. Or go to “Meridians / Exercises” for example for the kidneys or click here

7. Or on “Point Press / Treatment Tips for Digestion” by movements

8. get to know Freestyle Dancing because it’s just a lot of fun: (in preparation) or click here

9. Or go to “Meridians / Psychotherapy” or click here

10. Or go to “Point Press / Treatment Tips” e.g. for the head, or other regions click here (See Menu “Point Press”)

11. Or go to “Point Press / Point Press for Lovers” or click here

12. Or to “Point Press / open Energy Channels targeted
– for example for the kidney meridian – go or click here

13. Or go to “Symptoms / Diagnosis and Therapy using the example of liver” or click here

14. Or for advanced (in full version) go to “TCM / Pattern” or click here

Best tip:

Otherwise, you can just go through all the menu items to get to know each other …

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