The 50 most important points for acupuncture, -pressure, massage, Tuina, Shiatsu etc.

Which are the 50 most important body points for acupuncture, acupressure, massage, tuina and so on?

If you know these points with effects and location, then you can already treat 90 percent of all complaints.
Therefore, we have put the important acupuncture points here once for a better overview with their main effects.
That’s the basis on which you can build up later, point by point. Ideal for learning. To gain security.
(You may take a meridian every day or every week with the 3-5 major symptoms per point.)

The location of the points and other important descriptions can be found by clicking on the points.


Here are all 50 important acupuncture points

To the kidney meridian important acupuncture points


Sex: Poor sexual fulfillment, impotence, male and female infertility,
Energy: tiredness, drowsiness, sighing, frequent yawning, insomnia, fatigue, fears, lability,
Weakness: Weak menstrual period, regular disturbances, irritable bladder, urinary behavior, involuntary urination
Powerlessness: pain or weakness in the lower back, in the loins, in the lower abdomen, in the genital area, in the legs, in the ankle,
Head: toothache, headache ear disorders, deafness, tinnitus,
Tightness: difficulty breathing, sore throat, cough, asthma, cervical,
Others: rheumatism, muscle cramps, fever without sweat,
Constipation, loss of appetite, emaciation, uterine prolapse, diabetes
cold hands or feet, sweaty feet


Cold-induced disorders, cold feet or hands
Movement disorders, walking difficulties, pain, swelling, sprains of the ankle,
Weakness, fatigue, lethargy, somnolence, insomnia, limb severity,
Sexual listlessness, impotence, overexcitation,
Dreadfulness, anxiety, irritability, depression, sadness.
Urinary Behavior, Frequent Urination, Cystitis, Prostate Disease
Lower abdominal pain, irregularities of all kinds, uterine prolapse, vaginal discharge,
Cervical, laryngitis, thyroid dysfunction,
Eye pain,
Loss of appetite, fever


Low blood pressure, dizziness, weak arms and legs,
Pain or cold in loins, back, knees, lumbago,
Lack of energy, lack of will and determination, memory weakness, weakness, fears
Night sweat or sweat, fever,
Muscle weakness and cramps in the legs, foot weakness,
Abdominal colic, drum belly, constipation or diarrhea,
Puffiness, water retention (edema),
frequent urination, nephritis, hemorrhoids,
Urinary tract infections.


Urinary behavior, regular symptoms, outflow, increased rule,
Knee pain,
Pain and tension in the abdomen including the lower abdomen,


Hoarseness, sore throat,
Pessimism, discouragement, shallow breathing, self-doubt, inferiority complexes, constant self-criticism,
Difficulty in breathing, stasis in the chest, cough, asthma, tension in the abdomen and chest, chest pain

To the Liver-Meridian (LV) important acupuncture points


Tension and tightness: Headache, pain and tension in the chest and flanks, in the lower abdomen to the genital area, dizziness
Elasticity: knee pain, seizures, lumbago,
Eyes: eye diseases, blurred vision, eye pressure, cataract
Digestion: metabolic disorders, diarrhea or constipation, nausea, biliary colic
Gynecology, urology: hemorrhoids, blood in the sputum, in the stool, in the gynecological area, urinary behavior, dark urine
Other: depressive mood, agitation, poor sleep, insomnia, high blood pressure,
pale complexion, persistent thirst


Tension and tightness: Dizziness, cramps, paralysis or paralysis
Eyes: poor eyesight, night blindness,
Digestion: light stools, intestinal spasms, stomach and intestinal problems, diarrhea,
Urology: urinary behavior, involuntary urination, hematuria,
Pain in the lower abdomen, genital area, lumpiness in the lower abdomen, uterine hypotension, impotence,
Outflow, itching
Other: sleep disorders, wandering pains in different parts of the body
Tension and tightness: tightness, shortness of breath, cough, hoarseness,
Regions: headache, chest pain, lower abdomen, abdominal region, distended abdomen, tensed stomach,
Indigestion: bloating, hiccups, acid regurgitation, indigestion, gastritis,
Diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite
Gynecology, Urology: heavy menstrual period due to blood heat
Other: Pulmonary diseases, cold-induced stitches, high-beating yang with palpitations, dizziness, agitation, sleep disorders

To the spleen meridian (spleen pancreas) important acupuncture points


Weakness, heaviness: tiredness, heavy limb, weakness of legs or feet, lack of sleep due to Yin deficiency, muscles, connective tissue,
Ligaments, skin: skin diseases, flabby skin
Digestive area: feeling of fullness, distension, abdominal ulcers, diarrhea, indigestion, nausea, colic
Gynecology, urology: menstrual disorders, vaginal discharge, urinary problems, infertility, impaired libido
Fluid distribution: The fluid distribution in the body is no longer correct, thick feet, varicose veins, leg edema,
swollen eyelids, a heavy tongue.
Other circulation: regulates high and low blood pressure, circulatory disorders of the legs,
Other: depressive moods


Special features: earth point of the earth, yuan balance point,
strengthens spleen, transforms moisture, reduces turbid qi, preserves juices, dissolves mucus, strengthens the stomach
Indigestion: bloating, belching, constipation, diarrhea, stomach ache, heartburn,
Tensions in the abdomen, nausea, vomiting, gastrititis, maldigestion, malabsorbtion,
Other: feeling of fullness heaviness in the head, memory weakness, headache, lack of concentration, fatigue
Joint pain, fever, yellowish skin color, circulatory disorders in the legs
painful menstruation


Indigestion: abdominal pain, stomach pain, bloating, tense stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, loss of appetite,
Menstrual disorders, gynecological pain, frigidity, impotence, prostate enlargement,
Difficulty urinating
Over-excitability, anxiety, dreadfulness, restlessness, palpitations, nervous heart complaints,
Heart and chest pain,
Convulsive states, chronic hoarseness, sore throat, intermittent fever,
Sweats, bloated face, bitter taste in the mouth, pain in the ankle, venous congestion

Zum Herz-Meridian important acupuncture points


Restlessness, nervousness, stress, over-excitability, nervous weakness, constant actioning,
Irritability, mania as well as depression, anxiety, apathy, absences,
Fright, test anxiety, addiction, big mood swings,
Sleep disorders, insomnia,
hot or cold hands,
Palpitations, pain, neuroses,
Shortness of breath,
memory impairment


Restlessness, nervousness, forgetfulness, sleep disturbances, drive weakness, depressive moods, neurotic crises,
Heartache, lack of heart circulation,
Fatigue, stress, dizziness, fatigue
Pressure in the abdomen,
Elbow pain, tennis elbow,
cold, trembling, stiff hands, stiff or deaf arms, convulsions,
stiff neck, headache, toothache,
Nausea, hiccup,
Thyroid enlargement,
Nerve pain,
inflamed, swollen lymph nodes,
Bone inflammation,
test anxiety


over-seriousness, joylessness, barely laughing, depressive mood, a lot of groans and sighs,
Anxiety, timidity,
cold hands, circulatory disorders of the hands, but also with hot palms, rheumatic joint complaints,
Pain in chest and upper arm, underarm tension,
Palpitations, dizziness,
Bad breath,
Urinary behavior, involuntary urination

To the Lung-Meridian important acupuncture points


Neck stiffness, shoulder discomfort, tendonitis,
Agitation, nervousness, relationship difficulties, insensitivity,
Lung disease, cough, difficulty breathing, bronchitis, asthma,
Sinusitis migraine, headache, toothache, tinnitus,
Pain behind the breastbone,
Skin diseases,
puffy face, bloated arms and legs, edema,
Impotence, frigidity, urinary restriction,
cold sores​, shingles


Anxiety, nervousness, restlessness, agitation,
Breathing difficulties, coughing, palpitations,
Wrist pain,
Arteriosclerosis, varicose veins,
Regurgitation, flatulence, lower abdominal pain, urinary retention,
cataract, redness of the eyes


Shallow breathing, shortness of breath, respiratory complaints, bronchitis cough, asthma,
Depression (grief, worry, sadness, desperation),
Shoulder pain,
Night sweats,
Skin complaints,
puffed belly and limbs,
Nausea, nausea

To the Triple heater (TH) important acupuncture points

Headache, migraine, poor eyesight, redness,
Runny nose, tinnitus, deafness, dizziness, vertigo,
Restlessness, irritability, aggressiveness,
Toothache, hair loss
Headache, migraine, mental retardation,
Ear complaints, tinnitus,
Poor eyesight, blurred vision,
Toothache, gingivitis,
Wrist pain, sprains,
Sore throat, cervical, headache,
Fatigue, fatigue,
Feelings of tightness, mood swings,
Tinnitus, deafness,
Hot flashes, freezing,
Abdominal and menstrual pain,
shortness of breath,
aching and stiff arms and shoulders,
Vomiting during pregnancy,
Nerve-related pain in the arm, nervous weakness due to lack of sleep

To the Pericard meridian (Pe) important acupuncture points


Cardiovascular diseases,
High or low blood pressure,
Pressure or congestion in the chest and upper abdomen,
Nausea, stomach upset, nausea, important remote point for upper abdomen, cramps in the abdominal area,
in case of arousal and anxiety, anxiety, mental disorders,
Insomnia, forgetfulness,
Addiction therapy also H7, B62, GV20,
red eyes,
Fever without sweat,
Weakness, drowsiness, dizziness,
Wrist, arm pain,
Neck stiffness,
Angina pectoris, palpitations,
mensturual pain,


Restlessness, anxiety, insomnia, stage fright, test anxiety, anxiety, overexcitation, mood swings,
Palpitations, sore throat, headache, cervical,
Shortness of breath, shortness of breath, pain in chest, shoulder, arm, wrists, elbows,
Throat, throat and tonsillitis,
bad breath (also GV23, M41, LV13), nausea, belching,
Boils, eczema in the head and arm area,
Tendonitis inflammationGV


Lack of energy, feelings of coldness, anxiety, feelings of tightness, mood swings,
uncontrolled emotions, irascibility,
Nosebleeds, bad breath, loss of appetite, nausea, nausea, gastritis,
Sensory disturbances of hand and arm,
Skin diseases of hand and arm,
Fever with thirst,
Chest pain,
Gingivitis, weather sensitivity

Zum Gallenblasen-Meridian important acupuncture points


Kopf- und Nackenschmerzen, Hüftschmerzen, 
Schwellungen im Sprunggelenk, im Fuß, unter den Achseln, der Lymphknoten, 
ständiges Zögern, Entscheidungsschwäche, Beklemmungsgefühl, 
Fieber, Husten, Schüttelfrost, 
Druck auf der Brust, Schmerzen im Leitbahnverlauf, Blasenentzündung, 


Brings energy from the head and stomach into legs, half-face headache. Migraine,
strengthens muscles,
Nervousness, lability,
Pain and cramps in the knee joint, in the thighs,
Tension in shoulders, chest and flanks,
Diseases of the gallbladder, indigestion, nausea, nausea,
bitter, dull mouthfeel,
Constipation, bloating, diarrhea,
important in any stagnation of liver energy,
with a bloated face,
High blood pressure,
bladder infection


Cold, runny nose, stuffy nose,
Headache (forehead, temples, back of the head), migraine, dizziness,
Neck pain, neck swelling, stiff neck,
Sinusitis, nosebleeds, tinnitus, deafness,
Eye tensions, diseases, blurred vision, myopia, conjunctivitis,
Cramps, fever, sweat,
Back and lumbar pain,
Thyroid enlargement,
Sleep disorders,
lowers high, low blood pressure raises


Sciatica, sciatica, low back pain, hip joint problems, nerve and muscle tension, rheumatism, energy blockage in the channels, puffy, red, swollen arms and legs

Zum Dünndarm-Meridian important acupuncture points


Main point for tension and pain of the neck, neck and shoulders
Movement restrictions of the neck,
Back pain, breast tensions, headache,
Hand pain, sensory disturbances of the fingers and arm,
Cramps, nausea, nausea, balancing digestion
Tinnitus, deafness, deaf-dumbness,
Depression, unrest, anxiety, night sweats, agitation, mood swings
Strep throat, stuffy nose, intermittent cough,
Nosebleeds, red eyes, eye veils
Irritable bladder, cystitis


Restlessness, anxiety, over-excitement, anxiety,
Constipation, diarrhea, bile duct disease,
Tinnitus, head, neck, shoulder, flank pain,
Wrist weakness and pain, arthritis and cramps of the hand and finger joints,
Eye veil
Lung complaints, sore throat,
Neck and shoulder tensions,
Cervical spondylosis,
blurred vision,
Ear complaints (also TW3 and G41), decreasing hearing and sight, tinnitus, deafness, earache, ear infection,

To the Large Intestine important acupuncture points


Helps with painful conditions of all kinds,
Migraine, headache with G20, facial pain, toothache with St44,
Abdominal and back pain,
mental exhaustion,
Constipation, diarrhea,
Sore throat, first runny nose, runny nose, stuffy nose with LI20, cough, cold, flu with Lu7 and TW5,
Fever, chills,
stiff neck,
Blurred vision, conjunctivitis,
irregular rule,
High blood pressure with LV3,
Rash, acne, eczema,
Insomnia, restlessness, allergies,
Helps with runny nose, 2nd cold stage, any internal heat, opens surface,
Sore throat, cervical, voice loss,
Headache migraine,
tennis elbow,
Skin disorders (itching, inflammation, rashes, psoriasis, ulcers),
Menstrual disorders,
Bowel problems, constipation, appendicitis,
Shoulder, arm pain, bone inflammation,
high blood pressure
Nasal diseases, runny nose, cold (runny or stuffy nose), hay fever,
Maxillary toothache, gum disease,
Facial skin complaints with itching,
Breathlessness, asthma

To the Stomach meridian important acupuncture points

Fatigue, languor, loss of strength,
Knee pain,
Abdominal pain, indigestion of all kinds,
low or high blood pressure,
Heart pain,
Muscle weakness,
Circulatory and sensory disorders of the legs,
Worries, feelings of inferiority, fears, shyness, irritability, instability,
in all types of moisture and energetic weakness,
Feeling of fullness, stomach ache, diarrhea, constipation,
Stomach upset, heartburn, loss of appetite, flatulence, tummy tensions,
Gingivitis, toothache,
Nervous disorders,
Agitation, over-excitability, weather sensitivity,
Foot weakness, pain in the feet, sensory disturbances in legs and feet,
suddenly severe pain, convulsions, change of heat and cold,
cold arms and legs

Headache, restlessness, insomnia, constant thinking,
Respiratory symptoms,
depressive moods,
Sore throat,
important point of departure for lung diseases, asthma, coughing, hiccups, belching,
Constipation, stomach, bowel disease,
Drowsiness, dizziness, cold hands and feet,
Knee and hip discomfort,
Jaw, voice loss,


Jaw pain,
Nervous tension,


tired eyes, side headache, migraine, severe headache
Eye pain, blurred vision, eye diseases

To the bladder meridian important acupuncture points


Swelling of the outer malleolus,
Heart problems, edema,
Sensory disturbances of the lower leg,
Achilles tendonitis, ankle discomfort,
Careful with pregnancy,
Master point of pain in the entire bladder meridian area (especially head (migraine), neck, shoulders, back, sciatica),
Dizziness, cramps in legs, feet, arms, hands,
Eye pain, sensitive eyes,
Nosebleeds, difficult labor, arthritis,


stuffy nose,
Eye pain, blurred vision,
Cervical spine syndrome, stiff neck, neck pain, dizziness,
Nervousness, nervous weakness, sleep disorders
High blood pressure,
lack of cranial perfusion, headache,
Swindle, severe headache


Head, neck, lumbar, hip, knee and foot complaints,
Tendency to bladder infection, frequent urination, burning on urination, bladder and kidney disorders,
stiff neck and back, cervical spine syndrome,
constant body tension,
Dreadfulness, palpitations, dizziness,
Fever with cramps,
red eyes, veil in front of eyes,
Loss of appetite, thirstiness, potency disorders


Helps with far and nearsightedness, night blindness, eye redness, optic nerve inflammation, retinal inflammation, cataract,
Migraine headache,
falling asleep,
Clogged nose


tired and aching eyes, blurred vision, blurred vision, red eyes, eyes itching, eyelid twitching,
Forehead headache, dizziness,
Runny nose, stuffy nose, sinusitis,
lack of concentration

To the Ren Mai (RM) important acupuncture points


Menstrual disorders, persistent bleeding, vaginal discharge, urogenital pain,
Tensions, disorders, severe pelvic pain, diarrhea,
Urinary behavior, involuntary urination,
premenstrual syndrome,
Palpitations, dizziness, restlessness, dreadfulness, insomnia,
Loss of strength,
Feeling cold, cold arms and legs,
hot head,
Uterine prolapse,
Impotence, conception disorders, infertility


Promotes stamina, trust, vitality,
helps with regular symptoms and bladder weakness,
Fatigue, fast fatigue, nervousness, restlessness, insomnia,
low blood pressure, dizziness,
irregular period,
Abdominal pain, cramping,
Diarrhea, constipation, indurations in the abdomen,
Heartache, asthma,
Fright, cold arms and legs,
Despondency, weak voice,
Infertility, impotence, bleeding tendency, discharge,
Heartburn, stomach pain, cramps, stomach and intestinal inflammation,
Abdominal, vomiting, acid regurgitation, loss of appetite,
Diarrhea, diarrhea, indurations in the abdomen,
Fright, anxiety, over-excitement, insomnia, lability,
fast fatigue, fatigue,
Important point that promotes healthy functioning of heart and lungs, strengthens vitality,
helps with lung diseases, expectoration, shortness of breath,  cough, wheezing, bronchitis, asthma,
Difficulty swallowing, sore throat,
Feeling of constriction,
decreased milk secretion during lactation,
bad mood, addiction, phobias, nervous breath,
Palpitations, flu,
Inability to perceive feelings properly, feeling cold

To the Du Mai (DM) important acupuncture points

Circulatory disorders of the head, headache, headache,
Balance disorders, dizziness, drowsiness after alcohol,
Runny nose, stuffy nose, cramps, uncoordinated actions,
Agitation, dreadfulness, forgetfulness,
tense neck,
Back hyperextension,
Rectal prolapse, uterine prolapse, hemorrhoids,
Phobias, stuttering
nervous stomach