Kidney meridian Introduction


brain, back, spinal cord, marrow, strong bones, healthy teeth, joints, good hearing, shining hair, hair growth 
vitality, primal strength, essence (inherited from the parents) untimely signs of old age, rheumatic phenomena, untimely turning grey, bad memory, 
water kidney provides for blood cleaning, urinary building, mineral metabolism (sodium, potassium, magnesium), natural removal of liquids, natural menses regulation, 
fire kidney is responsible for hormone glands of adrenal glands (adrenalin), gender glands (gender desire, sexuality), pancreas, thymus, thyroid, parathyroid, hypophysis, pineal gland,


willpower, love ability, sexual desire, tenderness, passion, orgasm ability, 
deep relaxation, restful sleep, regeneration, 
healthy meditative recalling, strength of experience, internal rest, quiet thinking over, look exactly, judge really behind things and being open like a child putting questions, put aside prejudices, look impartially, retire what has not proved itself, the new can be integrated, continuously include all experiences accept as true what is a reality ” be washed with all waters “, solve problems from yesterday courageously, find a hold in itself, perceive also the unaware, 
pressure, stiff, forever yesterday’s, fear (unconsciously repulsed emotions, not look or listen, not hear on himself), hardly activities, no way out see, have no purpose, see no sense, pull no consequences from yesterday, resignation, have no opposing force, do not filter out the wrong, marking time, do not compare image to the reality, have no own point of view, do not clear yesterday,

Typical discomforts

– delicacy against cold 
– backache, cross weakness with strains, intervertebral disc wear, osteoporosis, bad teeth, weak knees or foot fetters,
   joint pains, overstretchable joints 
– evening fever, night sweat, hot soles 
– thick, murky urine (yin – lack), pale urine, richly (yang – lack) 
– easily frightened, anxiously, will lack, half-heartedly, boredom, timourously, shyly, turned in itself 
– untimely signs of old age, rheumatic phenomena, loss of hair, untimely turning grey, age paracusia 
– liquid aggregations (edemas, outpourings or swells) 
– urinary problems and nephritic problems, menses discomfort, prostate gland discomfort 
– dry tongue 
– circulatory weakness 
– anaemia 
– portliness, lacking physical activity 
– dizziness, commemorative loss

Often occurring patterns

kidney - yin - lack

Not enough marrow for the brain: dizziness, ear whizz, forgetfulness 
Not enough food for the bone: back pain and osseous pains 
Not enough body liquids: dry mouth, blockage, scanty, dark yellow urine 
Not enough defense-Qi (does not withdraw inwards): night sweat (vaporisation by emptiness heat)

points to strengthen kidney – yin: K3, K6, K9, in addition, CV4

kidney - yang - lack

Not enough warmth: Cold’s feeling in cross and legs, aversion against cold 
Not enough strength: weak feeling in cross and legs 
Not enough sexual energy: Impotence, frigidity 
Not enough converting liquids: colorless, plentiful urine

points for kidney – yang: K3, K7, in addition: B23, B52, GV4, CV4, CV6

kidney - essence - lack

loose teeth, knee and leg weakness, loss of hair, untimely turning grey, weak sexual activity, backache, commemorative weakness 
points: K3, K6, in addition: B23 (nephritic energy), CV4 (essence), marrow (cerebral achievement): GV20, GV14, Ga39