"Which meridians should be strengthened?

The exciting World of Psychology and mental symptoms

The psychology of the meridians is very exciting for mental symptoms. This is because sometimes you can find the root cause of the physical condition here. Therefore, it is always worthwhile to consider the emotional state, the principles of belief and the basic, often repetitive thoughts and ideas. Go through the individual meridians and tick what you believe to be true. For the meridians that receive the highest scores, you can treat appropriate body points and choose meridian-based simple movement exercises to strengthen the energy of the meridians in question and thus achieve a healthy balance. Of course you can weight some points more and thus promote the rash for a meridian and mental symptoms.

The goal is a healthy, happy, vital, life-affirming, serene, self-fulfilling person and one who is optimally fulfilling his abilities, a loving person who has found his own self within. Or to express it in the meridian language (“meridian”): a true (kidney), creative (liver), joyful (spleen), affirmative (heart), openly communicating (lungs), enthusiastic, humorous, refreshing, optimistic, tender , romantic, empathetic, affectionate, laughing together, enjoying (pericardial), relaxed yes or no (small intestine), productive and joyful of change (large intestine), with sense of proportion (stomach), less aloof, relaxed, regenerative (bladder) and brave and determined acting (gallbladder) human.

Choose a meridian and click on true mental symptoms

Activity hardly any Fears
breathing flat
no way out see no Feelings of oppression
relaxation low
forever yesterday
feeling suppression
No counter force Don't hold yourself

warm heart lacking
don't look closely
hardly ask questions
not listen to oneself
lack of humor
have no counterforce
do not draw consequences
Passion lacking
lack of love ability
listlessly listlessness
Inferiority complexes
Don't integrate new things
don't listen to yourself
lack of orgasm
hardly solving problems
regeneration hardly any resignation
Don't sleep well
self-criticism constant
Self-doubt permanent
sexual desire lacking
See no meaning See no meaning
Viewpoints do not have their own
have no point of view
feelings of congestion
Place on the step
join the job Hardly reconsider
Willpower lacking tenderness lacking
target have no