Acupuncture can help you with many diseases. Find out how you can use acupuncture for your health

Welcome to the world of body points (= acupuncture points)

The healing effects (without side effects) have been known and tested for millennia with acupuncture.

Body points are still highly topical today in supporting healing processes.

For healing practitioners, doctors, masseurs, physiotherapists and interested lay people

See a few Hilights - What would you like to do?

Do you want to overcome fatigue instantly with acupuncture?

Yes? Then rub your occiput edge a few times with your flat hand!
Do you feel how your whole head and gradually the whole face is pleasantly animated?
No wonder, because there are the invigorating points in acupuncture “Windvilla” (Du Mai 16), “Pond of the Wind” (G20) and sky pilar(B10).
And after that thoroughly massage your ears with your thumb and forefinger. For points look here.

Would you like to do something good for your eyes? Then click here …

Would you like to know what each bodymeridian stands for?
Then look at the top of the menu for “Points / Ordered by meridians”. There you see, for example, the kidney meridian – which flows through the entire body from the feet to the collarbone and in the side arms even up to the ears, what he stands for and what healing effects he has. Look in the last column on the right – it’s really exciting. You will surely be amazed what belongs in the field of kidney energy. Click here…

Would you like to bring more variety into your love game with acupuncture?
Then you can get suggestions at “ Point Press for Lovers…

How do you “open” the liver meridian, the kidney meridian or other meridians?
The kidney and liver channels are the most commonly used meridians. They are fundamental to health. You can be directly invigorated if you treat certain points, either with needles or with acupressure or biophoton patches. What points you need, you can find out here for the kidney energy and here for the liver energy. Incidentally, one can also strengthen the other organs there, such as the small intestine or the large intestine, both of which have recently gained much in importance in acupuncture.
Further suggestions: A very comfortable, very clearly summarized description of liver energy can be found here

A detailed description can also be found in the menu “Points / Points ordered by meridians”. Click on the liver meridian and you will see a more detailed description on the far right in the narrow box. Click here
And finally, you can use TCM (Advanced) for complex ailments. Here…

And now? A wonderful little breathing exercise for more invigorating oxygen?
Just stretch your arms straight up while sitting or standing with your palms pointing to the sky. And breathe deeply into your stomach. By stretching the arms, the lungs expand slightly laterally. And more oxygen enters the body.

The stretching is repeated 6 times. This qigong acupuncture exercise is called “stretching into heaven” or “stretching into happiness”.
And indeed you feel very comfortable after 6 times stretching. Try it. Detailed instructions follow here …

If you stretch your arms fully while breating in, the effect is even stronger. You can even push your arms a little more up after a little while. If you breathe deep into the abdomen and than breathe out, while your arms sink down, you can release all the air. If you do like this, you can experience the blessing of this exercise. Another very nice variant or increase is when you hold your breath for a small and pleasant while stretching the arms to the sky (to “heaven”). Try it out for yourself?

Can you treat children with acupressure?
Yes, the typical acute symptoms can also be effectively treated with acupressure. Since small children are normally very sensitive, a light rubbing or squeezing or just putting one or two fingers or the whole hand on the area is enough. What complaints they have and how they are treated, you will learn here.

Are there any points that reduce pain and have healing effects within a few minutes?
Globally, the point LI4 (large intestine 4) is used with success in pain conditions of all kinds. Whether it’s a toothache or sore throat, backache or stomachache. He lies next to the muscle mountain between thumb and forefinger, a little closer to the index finger. I experienced it myself many years ago. I had a painful lumbago with back and abdominal pain. All other attempts at pain relief were in vain until the moment the point was pressed hard for about a minute, first on one hand and then on the other. Immediately after releasing I felt a pleasant relaxation. And after a few minutes, the spook was over and the pain was gone. I was very surprised. Only one point? And only one minute each? That had to have consequences.

This experience was the starting signal for me for a training with a Chinese doctor and the enthusiasm has not stopped stopped until today. And led to this website. The knowledge about the acupuncture points should spread out indefinitely and made accessible to as many people as possible.

LI4 is a wonderful so-called balancing point , which at the same time has a strengthening and harmonizing effect. There are a total of 12 points corresponding to the 12 main meridians. It pays to take a closer look at these points. (in the menu above look at “Knowledge special”).

Despite many new therapies, the acupuncture points (body points) are and remain very important for fast and sustainable healing processes. Also of particular importance are acute points </ span> </ strong> because they have connections to the organs as well the alarm ponts that are sensitive or painful to pressure.

The subject of acupuncture points (body points) is so exciting because all points have strong physical and mental healing Effects without harmful side effects. </ span> </ strong> </ span> Professionals such as naturopaths, doctors, masseurs, physiotherapists, midwives, etc., as well as all other healing therapists will find on these pages a wealth of useful information about quick access to points, symptoms, meridians etc., for the convenient application
as well as suitable for learning alone or in groups .
Instant access is also possible at any time via tablet or smartphone .

What can you do on these pages?
To explore the following points, just click on this text or look at the top of the menu by moving the cursor over each menu item.

1. View graphs (ordered by meridians and by body regions)

2. Find points for symptoms (5 ways for beginners and advanced!) </ Strong>

3. Detect tongue and pulse (e.g., “red tongue tip” – heart meridian) </ strong>

4. Learn knowledge (meridians, cycles, special points such as acute points, alarm points ….)

5. Apply TCM (Treat more complex ailments – advanced)

6. Healing with biophotons (sticking instead of needles, more procedures – in progress …)

7. Treasure trove (wellbeing, videos, etc)

8. “My Page” (create a healing plan for each client)

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