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That surprised me myself. I had the idea in bed in the morning (!) to do a little training. And I had no idea that afterwards I would be full of energy all day long until evening.
First I stretched one arm in the air, then the other. Then I stroked my upper arm a little with the other hand. Then the forearm. Afterwards I "kneaded" the upper arm a bit, starting from the top and slowly sliding downwards. First on the top and then on the bottom. I repeated the same thing on my forearm. Stroking and kneading. Then came the tapping. It is a light tapping of the entire arm up to the hand. And back on the bottom of the arm. Then I treated the two hands. And so on. The full process is described when you click on "Arms" on the left. But maybe you want to go on reading further ...
It is neither tiring nor complicated. You can do it at any time: in the morning or during the day. In the office, at home, alone or together, while standing, sitting or lying down or sometimes even while walking. You will see, it is so much fun and you can put together the training parts yourself as you like.
The effect is always phenomenal..
The secret of the success of treatment is based on 3 components:
1. 3 methods are brought together: tapping, brushing and massaging (kneading).
2. In addition to the treated body regions, the body meridians (channels) are stimulated.
3. The body with its impulses "Yes, o yes ..." or "Here again ..." or "Now just stroke it ..." or "Wait, just feel and enjoy for a moment ...", etc becomes the "boss" of the treatment.
12 large energy channels (!) Begin or end on the hands and feet, either on the surface or inside the body. The triple revitalization (brushing, kneading and tapping) therefore has healing and strengthening effects on organs, glands, nerves, veins, lymph channels and even better care of the individual body cells.
You can ask the body where it wants special treatment. By exchanging ideas with him the treatment is never boring, it is a pleasure every day.
No, this is not a promotional event where something is supposed to be sold, even if it sounds like it. Everything is free and everyone can do it himself, young or old. Everyone can try it right away .
The list of benefits (experiences) of this treatment is long:
- the whole body is energized and thus more efficient
- the effect lasts all day
- the organs and glands are strengthened
- the circulation is promoted
- the lymph (often neglected) gets going - the muscles are strengthened
- digestion is improved
- the nerve pathways are regenerated
- the skin is better cared for
- well-being is sustainably promoted
- thinking becomes clearer
- joint mobility is promoted
- the concentration is improved
- Daytime tiredness disappears
- Stress is reduced
- the feeling of your own body is improved (!)
- sleep gets deeper
It is no wonder that you feel better during and after self-treatment.
It is simply a HEALTHY and WELL-BEING training for everyone!
Die Dreifach-Belebung ersetzt keinen Arzt oder Heilpraktiker, aber sie unterstützt Heilbehandlungen gerade auch bei langfristigen Beschwerden.
Skala von 1 bis 10
Before you start with one or more self-selected sequences of the small training session, you may want to evaluate the result, i.e. the revitalization, the well-being or the mood. Then assign a rating point between 1 and 10 at the beginning and end of the treatment. What is the result? Then write me your comment… hier.
How long, how intensively, when or how often should you train?
The answer is: let your own body guide you. There are no strict rules here. Ask him! It depends on, whether the body is in the mood at the moment or not. It's hard to believe at first. But the body answers questions always immediately spontaneously with feelings of pleasure or discomfort. And it's fun to "listen" to him. The treatment becomes a game with the body .
The body is a lust body.
Anyone who is concerned with his body for longer recognizes more and more clearly that the body is a lust body.
So ask your body directly!
Stay in loving contact with your body throughout the workout. Ask him:
Would you like me to tap (tap) a little more or a little weaker at the moment, to stroke or massage (knead)? Do you want me to repeat a part several times? Would you like me to extend or shorten the treatment of the shoulder or knee joint a little, or maybe even today omitted entirely? Is it enough just to stroke today? Should I breathe relaxed more than 3 times at the end? And so on. All of this can be different from day to day, or even from time to time. So it always depends on the pleasure of the body. Get involved with the body in a playful way. He likes it very much.
Treatment as a "love poem" or ode to the body
Think of the treatment at every stage as a "love poem" or an ode to the body.
He will thank you - with a special feeling of wellbeing ...
If you "listen" into the body (feel), every treatment becomes a "love poem". The body thanks you with more vitality, performance, faster healing ability, a physical feeling of wholeness, with more energy and more joy.
We present here the morning in bed version. Of course, you can also make this version during the day - with slight modifications.
You can follow the instructions exactly, but just pick out the "raisins" for your own program. The following, first section "Treat Arms" is ideal for getting to know the Energy Booster for the first time.
The morning in bed version:
Start with a cozy lounging
Ha, lounging your arms and legs is just wonderful, isn't it?
You can also yawn heartily ... By the way, you can also do the lounging during the day - for example now?
Extend (or bend) your arms comfortably up or to the side or wherever you want.
You may also want to move your shoulders a little back and forth ...
Then stretch (or bend) your legs with relish. Together or alternately.
The lounging can be very enjoyable. When stretching, you can still say (or feel) "Aaah" or whatever to express the feeling of wellbeing ...
Or you can purr like a cat, for example. Why not?

If you want, you can also imagine that you are on a South Sea beach right now, and lolling there ... "Ah, the wind is currently whirling around my whole body, hmm ... how beautiful ..."
Finally, you can take one or two deep (semi-yawning) breaths and relax really comfortably ...
Now you are in a good mood. Start the actual training:
Energy booster Arms and Hands
Stroking (Rubbing)

Upper arm: Brush (rub) a few times vigorously but lovingly up and down the upper arm to liven it up. First, back and forth a couple of times on the top. And then back and forth a few times on the underside.
forearm: This is followed by the forearm, which you also rub back and forth a couple of times on the top and bottom. Then the other arm is on.
Some prefer to stroke the bare arm, others to stroke the clothed arm.
If the arm is clothed, then it will be rubbed a little more vigorously. If he is undressed, it can also be very pleasant to stroke him very gently. In any case, it is about reviving the arm.
You can also try out what it feels like to enclose your forearm with your whole hand, starting at the bottom, while turning your forearm back and forth. This creates a different kind of friction. The hand then briefly encircles each further area up to the arm joint.
Finally, you can take a short break and feel yourself inside.
Surely you will already be able to feel a slightly tingling revival in your arms.
Enjoy an upcoming warmth in your arms ...
Massaging (kneading)
Now continue with massaging (kneading) the upper arms.

Shoulder area:
Place the right palm of your hand on top of your left shoulder close to your neck and rub your fingers back and forth over the uppermost back area a few times with a little pressure.
The hand then slowly kneads over the whole shoulder to the upper arm joint On the way to the arm wrist, there are important acupuncture points on the back of the shoulder, which relaxes the neck and shoulder area with this treatment
Arm area:
Now knead the upper arm-shoulder joint lovingly. It is energized. Then continue kneading gently and lovingly over the whole arm to the wrist, while you feel interested into the inner arm. First down on the top of the arm, then up on the bottom of the arm.
The arm can be massaged kneading 2 to 3 times.
You then perform the same treatment on the other arm ...
You can make the kneading by squeezing the balls of your hands and fingers together. But you can also embrace your arm with your hand and turn your arm back and forth.
In some places you may prefer one, in other places the other. In the vicinity of the neck, the pressure may well be a little stronger, and then gradually become a little milder up to the upper arm joint The area near the neck is important because it also has a relaxing effect on the often tense entire neck area.
You can make the kneading by squeezing the balls of your hands and fingers together. But you can also embrace your arm with your hand and turn your arm back and forth.
In some places you may prefer one, in other places the other. In the vicinity of the neck, the pressure may well be a little stronger, and then gradually become a little milder up to the upper arm joint The area near the neck is important because it also has a relaxing effect on the often tense entire neck area. Tapping
Gently pat one arm with the other hand from top to bottom to the back of your hand. A total of 3 times. Then tap the arm on the underside 3 times from bottom to top.
This sets the meridians flowing through the arm in motion, so that blockages can also dissolve in other parts of the body.
Depending on the mood, the knock can be very gentle or stronger - as is just the case ...
In any case, do it lovingly so that the respective arm feels properly accepted when tapping.
The body always answers you. For example with a "yes so" or a "not so firm" or "a little stronger please". Of course, the arm does not speak words, but responds with well-being or displeasure, or with a wish. You can easily "translate" it so that you understand well how it would be treated ... enjoy the revival a little ...
Hands “washing (soaping)"

Yes, this is also a really powerful revival at the end. It is often part of a daily rite in Asian countries.
"Wash" both hands vigorously, as if you are soaping them properly and thoroughly. Again and again. Finally, you can press the palm of your hand vigorously with your thumb and massage.
Then come to the fingers. "Soap" also the fingers as a whole. Grasp them one by one, rub them vigorously and extensively, back and forth, massaging up and down, and briefly pull each finger up again.
Enjoy the effect it has had on the body for a while. You may feel the tingling in your arms and hands. Perhaps to your astonishment you can even find that the whole body right down to the legs and feet already feels livelier.
Maybe you notice that your whole body feels a little more lusty now?
Do your legs tingle a little?
How are you? How is your body doing?
Conclusion: relax briefly and watch your breath ...
If you have some time left, you can watch your breath for a few breaths.
You can choose between two forms:
Just watch your breath
It's best to close your eyes and feel inside. Let your breath flow the way you want it to.
Think and feel observing: "in" ... "out"
Consciously take a few deep breaths:
Take a few deep breaths:
„In…“ - „Out…“ and „Relax…“
Feel while you exhale and especially at the end, that the body really relaxes, so that you sink a little bit down and that you can let go of everything ...
Feel inside your body. Does the whole body feel great?
Tingly? Revived? Pleasant?
Maybe you smile when you contact your body? Maybe you are charged?
Try it out: Get up and take a few steps - still feeling inside the body ...
Could it be that your walking feels different than usual? What's your mood like?
Do you feel connected to your body with pleasure and somehow further, clearer, more relaxed than usual?
Try it out…
This type of treatment is important because you can always learn better to feel and to love the body you are familiar with.
The communication (inner dialogue) with your own body is significantly improved by the training.
You experience the body as very awake and alive.

The body always does its very best and always reports immediately ... There can even be a kind of gratitude.
With the small training you learn better, also on other occasions, to pay attention to the needs of the body and to respond to it. The feeling of now, which is often neglected by all the thinking, intensifies. For me, the best thing about it is that I feel that I am more holistic and that my consciousness has expanded. I have included my body, which somehow makes me more relaxed and stress free. The body has got going, while I take the first steps across the room, more light-footed and consciously ... I even feel the feet touching the ground more clearly than usual, etc.
Und wie geht es dir? What can you watch Where does it tingle?
All of this is intensified now in the following part 2. You can connect it immediately. You can also choose it as the first or second program the next day.
Energy booster Legs and Feet
Knocking (Tapping)
Bend one leg so that you can tap (knock, clap) it from top to bottom with one hand. Tap the upper side of the leg 3 times from top to bottom and the bottom of the leg 3 times from bottom to top.
Then take both hands and simultaneously clap the leg on both sides, from top to bottom and from bottom to top. You can also linger a little clapping on the knee from both sides .
The same procedure is then done with the other leg.
For each leg you can also take advantage to clap with one hand to the corresponding side of the botty.
You can also do this by first gossiping your thigh and then gossiping your lower leg.
The direction can also be reversed since it is not important to follow the course of the energy channels (meridians), but to ensure that the channels are clearly animated.
The clapping can be a bit stronger. Depending on what you want to feel yourself at the moment.
If varicose veins are present, however, you will usually be a little more careful A light tap can be very relaxing and improve blood flow.
If you feel pain or are unsure, ask your doctor or alternative practitioner It goes without saying that you leave out areas with open wounds
If you are still in bed, keep your knee bent with one arm and use your other hand to vigorously stroke your thigh and then your lower leg. You can treat every thigh all around, ie top, inside, bottom and outside.
Of course, you don't need to "bend" the knee while sitting or standing and go straight to stroking your leg.
Then you switch legs and continue treating the other leg.
For extra treatment of the knee, you can of course also put the leg bent on the bed (or a sofa or chair or somehow elevated) and move the knee back and forth with both hands.
Again, pay attention to your body, what it particularly appreciates or what it likes less. Everything is possible, from stroking to firm rubbing. What does he react particularly lustily to?
Here, too, first hold up one bent leg for treatment.
It is most effective here if you massage (knead) the leg from top to bottom with both hands.
After that, the other leg is on with the same treatment.
Finally, place your legs bent on the bed, pause briefly and feel the pleasant tingling in the legs.
Treating the feet
Place one foot on the thigh of the other bent leg.
Now you can tap it on the top and bottom of the foot, rub and knead it vigorously.
If you like, you can also take each toe individually, massage it, embrace it, briefly pull it out (snip).
Then you switch legs and feet.
The sole of the foot is kneaded in such a way that the upper edge of the foot is grasped and the sole of the foot is massaged vigorously with the thumb. Then the lower edge of the foot is gripped and the sole of the foot is massaged vigorously with the fingers.
If you like, you can pause for a moment and feel the pleasant effects of the treatment on your legs Here, too, the effect can shine right into the body. You will surely feel how well the treatment of the feet is for you…
Energy booster Face and Head
The most successful way to treat the face and head is after getting up.
For example in front of the mirror in the bathroom, but also somewhere else.
Tapping (Knocking)
Here, a quick "trickle" with the fingertips is enough, as if raindrops are falling on the face.
But you can also gently tap the face with both hands on the right and left.
Start with your cheeks. Clap your hands back and forth in quick succession over both cheeks, starting at the top and continuing slowly downwards, over the cheek center and lower jaw. You can repeat this a couple of times.
Then continue with your forehead. The fingertips of the four fingers, which start in the middle and then slide away to the side, are sufficient moving over the temples, down the side over the cheekbones.
Then you tap lightly with both hands over the whole head down to the edge of the head, there to the right and left over the edge of the head and back to the ears and the head sides.
You can do these rounds a couple of times..
Then pause a little and enjoy the light revitalization of the face and head.

FACE: Place the fingertips of both hands close to the hairline and make small circular movements, slowly downwards moving towards the eyebrows.
Then continue circling with your fingertips on your temples. Maybe you want to close your eyes while doing this? Now the fingertips of both hands are placed under the eyes at the level of the cheekbones. With circular movements you can Slowly work the entire cheek down to the lower jaw. The lower jaw bone can be specially worked by placing the thumb under the bone and the four fingers over the bone. Starting from the middle, the chin, you knead along the entire lower jaw

SKULL: The same game takes place with the whole skull. Here the tips of the fingers and the thumb are moved together and apart again and again - slowly sliding over the whole skull and the back of the head.
From there over the sides of the skull near the ears back to the beginning.
Here, too, there can be several rounds. And if you really feel like it, you can really get your hair wild tousle or rub the skull vigorously at the top

Massaging (rubbing back and forth) of the edge of the occiput with the thumb or with four fingers is also very invigorating. If you pause a little afterwards, you can feel the revitalization right into the face.
Treat neck
You can also include and enliven the neck by stroking the area under the lower jaw with your outer hands.
And finally a thumb on one side of the neck and fingers on the other side of the neck and down and this also revives the thyroid a little.
Finally, if you want, you can also stroke (caress) your hands lovingly with your hands, sliding back and forth a few times, starting in the middle, moving to the side and back.
Feel the vitality of the face and skull a little.
You can see how the whole brain is revitalized.
Enjoy the invigorating effects on your face and head for a few moments with your eyes closed.
Energy booster Body (chest, stomach, sides and back)
The best way to treat the trunk is while standing or sitting. Some areas are also good for lying down.
Tapping (Clapping)and Stroking Treat the chest area

Place the fingers of the right hand on the left on the point kidney27, close to the center line, below the clavicle and tap gently on this area a few times. Then, tap with your fingers ( tapping ), slide quickly under the collarbone in the direction of the arm and into the hollow where lung one (Lu1) and lung two (Lu2) lie close together, and then a little further to the shoulder-arm area.
Then perform the same treatment under the right collarbone just as quickly up to the shoulder-arm area.

You can now add the swipe here. Place your right hand on the side under the left armpit so that you are over the upper chest area with the thumb and the handball is a couple of times along the stroke or gently can you can. The stroking sometimes dissolves existing fascia bonds. Then repeat the whole thing on the other side of the body.
Tap the fingers of one hand lightly up and down the breastbone a few times. This will strengthen the thymus. You can intensify the effect by putting the fingers of one hand on the breastbone and slowly sliding small circles down on the breastbone and then pulling further down to the upper abdomen.
Put your right hand on one side below on the chest band and pull your hand slowly with gentle pressure from there along the entire area over the stomach to the right side of the body. Now repeat the movement from the other side, placing your left hand on the right side of your body and your hand then slowly pull to the left at the edge of the rib cage.
The whole thing can be done 3 to 4 times or more. This invigorates and strengthens the heart area, the stomach area and the liver area and therefore has a beneficial effect on three important organs.
You can top the invigorating effect of the three organs by placing your right hand on the left chest in the heart area on the lower chest and you do 10 small circles. You do the same thing over the stomach area and finally over the liver area - always on the lower chest area.
There is a slight revitalization of the kidney meridian by points K27 and by points Lu1 and Lu2 of the lung meridian The thymus lies below the breastbone. It strengthens the body's strength and the body's immune system (immune system). If the stimulation from tapping and stroking is continued for a few minutes, this should even be done mentally and physically before an important job work to increase performance.
Feel the pleasant, invigorating and strengthening effect a little.
Notice how a feeling of well-being spreads over the whole chest.
Treating the abdominal area
Tapping (Knocking)
Place both hands on the left and right on the upper abdomen and gently pat downwards with both hands on the stomach.
When you reach the bottom, move your hands to the sides and up again on the sides and finally back to the starting position. Number: 3-4 times. Breathe relaxed.
Place both hands on the left and right on the upper abdomen and slowly move your hands up and down a few times.
Then you put your two hands further to the side and perform the same up and down movements.
And finally you put your hands all the way to the sides and swipe up and down with both hands on the sides.
Massage (Knead)
Now you put your hands on the left and right on the upper abdomen and rub a couple of times kneading up and down the stomach. You slowly move both hands back and forth so that the entire stomach is massaged.
Carry out circles
Now put both hands on top of each other and put them on the side at the bottom right, where the colon begins.
There, swipe vigorously up and down the side of your stomach with both hands.
Then put the hands on top of each other on the right side of the upper abdomen and stroke vigorously a few times to the right side of the body and then back again.
Repeat the whole thing on the left side up and down the belly.
This back and forth really gets the intestinal peristalsis of the large and small intestines going
Finally, you perform a circular massage over the entire stomach with both hands, one on top of the other - starting at the bottom right at the beginning of the large intestine, then over to the left, and then down again. Repeat this circling a couple of times.
This treatment promotes the digestive process. If you relax a little after the treatment, you can clearly feel it. Feel yourself in to massage either a little stronger or a little more gently.
Then add a couple of relaxing breaths, in which the relaxation after inhaling and exhaling can be emphasized. Perhaps you can feel a pleasant revitalization of the abdominal area.
Treat the back

Pat both hands on the left and right behind the kidney area just below the posterior rib cage.
Then rub this area vigorously up and down with your hands. The kidneys love warmth.
Addition: revitalize sexual organs
If you like, put the fingers of one hand on the pubic bone and make 20 to 30 quick circles in one direction and 20 to 30 quick circles in the other direction. This promotes a noticeable revival in the entire region. It has a lasting energizing effect on the entire area.
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