Symptoms fast help - Introduction

For all who are in a hurry!


If you are in a hurry, try still to rest for a moment.
Remember, healing is the fastest way to complete when you are receiving treatment
With symptoms fast help you can switch to a calm, positive, stress-free, inner attitude.

Start with one or two deep, relaxing breaths …
The breaths should be so relaxing that you smile inside afterwards …

Imagine how you are from the left brain (thinking)
Switch to the right brain (to serenity, to yourself, to well-being).
It’s like switching a switch from left to right in the brain.
Your ability to heal will be greatly enhanced.
Check yourself if you are and will stay relaxed during treatment.
If not, take one or two deep, relaxing breaths in between.

Remember, healing always has something to do with love.
With love for yourself, the treated area and the treated person …

Further aids are with symptoms fast help:

(Healing over the effective body points also happens without psychology.
But with psychology, it’s proven to be even more effective.)

Use symptoms fast help to get the right help.

1. Remember your childhood, when the mother had said to you:
“Heal, heal blessings …”. Maybe her mind is rebelling now, but her intuitive side (her right brain) understands exactly
that this is a very effective, even today effective attitude, if you can get involved. (You do not need to tell anyone, just give it a try.) After a while, you do not need to say the words internally, because you have completely internalized the healing energy, and then yourself, the treated area treated person.)

2. According to the latest findings of modern quantum physics, with the help of his consciousness man can influence the smallest particles, the light quanta, by imagination himself.
Healing energy is a very fine, light, bright energy. If you manage to get into this luminous level, then you can also work with this healing light transmission energy.

There are many ways to create this light, subtle, luminous energy.
All roads are via activation of the right brain.

A simplified method is for example: (Let’s call it the “light path”):
1. Make one or two deep, relaxing breaths …
2. Smile inwardly …
3. Focus on your right brain …
4. Imagine being surrounded by fields of light …
5. Imagine that your body is also a field of light …
6. Love each other with all your heart … (as if you were hugging yourself)
7. Breathe in and out of love … (As if the air were permeated with love light particles)
8. Imagine that you are nothing but light and love …
(Light are you after modern quantum physics)
(Love is you when you can feel that you are at one with everything.)

Now when you are treating the body points, send light and love to the place that you are touching and the area that you want to heal, the organ, or the person as a whole. Do not be shy to think, feel and transfer “healing, healing blessings …” or other simple phrases and imagine the healed end result (!) …

Remember that healing is at least 50% psychology, try this symptoms fast help:

Become a carrier and transmitter of light and love energy as a healer (whether as a doctor, as a naturopath, as a masseur, as a physiotherapist or simply as a healing energy active person).

Now select one of the areas in the top left of the list.
Of course, the list will be expanded. The points can be either acupunctured or acupressed. There are studies on the effectiveness of the points used here for both methods.