Acupuncture experience and comments to this website

All subsequent comments and acupuncture experience have been quoted verbatim and unchanged

I would like to tell you my acupuncture experience  that it is an incredibly valuable and great tool.
Highly recommended!! I hope you can spread it far!
Thanks & best regards “

Your Acupuncture Site “Points by Body Regions” is the BEST TOOL FOR STUDY EVER!
Many thanks!”

“I really like this platform …..”

“Thank you for your great site.”

Congratulations to your side is absolutely inspiring, informative and helpful!
Thank you very much for this acupuncture experience. I think your site is great. “

“Thank you very much for this great database, I’m thrilled, I did pointpress every day after the recommendations.
Then a colleague approached me after the third day. She asked me if I was freshly in love. Great. “

“Hallo herr adams, vielen herzlichen dank!!!! Tolle seite, hervorragend gemacht!”

“Ich habe Ihre Seite meiner Kollegin empfohlen. Wir beide sind erst vor kurzem mit der TCM- Ausb. fertig geworden. 
Da ist Ihre Seite sehr hilfreich.”

“Ich habe die Psychologie der Organe beim Anklicken der einzelnen Meridiane gelesen. Tolle Beschreibung 
Vielen lieben Dank dafür.”

“Dear sir, I am quite awestruck by your site. I have been totally engrossed! It’s way past my bedtime 🙂
By far the best resource of its kind I have come across. Authentic, intelligible and totally brilliant ! 
Thank you very much , ( and the random daily feature was spot on 🙂 )
Thanks again & all the best “

“Thank you for the quick help, I’m really excited. Merci.”

“I have not visited your website for a long time and I am amazed how it has progressed well with valuable information.”

“I like that SUPER, that I now have the full version available – THANK YOU – I’m VERY glad about it – I think, now I have to” find “a day soon, in which I do NOT do anything else, than your website really getting to know each other well – until now I have always only sought answers to my current questions (- and found! -) and have been reading around here and there …
… and I will gladly publish the link on my homepage 🙂
Again, best regards. “

“The homeopathic and acupuncture sites are great, research is so much easier – in homeopathy I came across remedies that I did not even know existed before, I work with needles and globules, and it works! “

“Hello dear team,
I would like to say that the website is a force, really great! Thanks and all the best
Since I’m so excited about your offer, now would like to use a friend’s pages.
Is there anything like ‘Refer a Friend’? “

“Their overviews helped me a lot and I thank you very much for this opportunity.”

“THANKS BEAUTIFUL !!! Great site, helps me a lot !! Greetings”

“I really have to praise the two portals and it has helped me tremendously with my treatments.
And you always discover something new. Despite my 10 years of experience in this field, I am constantly learning. Keep up the good work … I am very happy that I found these pages. Thanks a lot for this…”

“Thank you, it is definitely a cool thing, ingeniously done
Unfortunately, there are so few things that are really good and then also affordable “

“About 3 weeks ago I signed up for” Online Körperpunkte “and am very satisfied with it.
Quick access and a lot of new knowledge about acupuncture !!! “

“By the way: I think the site is super and not least very sophisticated, I can make good use of my work”

I find your presentation very inspiring and instructive. It is also suitable for teaching. “

“I’m impressed, you’re one of the few people who does not have a ‘job’ but a ‘vocation’.”

“Thanks for your message and the quick activation, the site is great! A great way to look up points and the ability to save people, I think well.”

“Thank you very much, you work a lot on your pages
It’s really a great work that you have worked out here !!! “

“Very dear team,
I am a customer of you and very satisfied with your program. I use the advanced version of acupuncture points and I would like to change them to the full version. “


At the end I would like to thank you!

The enthusiastic comments are an incentive to continue to improve the pages!
The goal is to provide the information quickly, understandably and soundly for practical application and learning.
The motto for the practice is: to use as few clicks or scrolling as possible for all important information!

To get acquainted, it is helpful to start by “browsing through” all the points and sub-items in the menu.
Anyone, whether beginner or advanced, will find support on these pages, whether it’s the awesome graphics, the meridian charts, the accurate impact descriptions, the acupuncture or acupressure, or the novel treatment with biophotons. The psychological effects of points and energy channels are becoming increasingly important. There are also additional supportive measures such as breathing and movement exercises.

During my training with a Chinese doctor, the idea of ​​the scripts and later of the Internet pages came up. The doctor was very convincing with masterful diagnoses and treatments, but less with his teaching materials. His practical hints, later own experiences as well as several well-worked standard works then led to this website.

Further suggestions are always welcome.

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