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Fluorine in the toothpaste - A rethink is required?

While numerous “scientific studies” and statistics have to serve as “evidence” of the alleged efficacy of fluoride, most of them are “so representative” that American professional statistician and mathematician dr. Arnold once put it in a nutshell:
I use the statistics of success provided by the advocates of caries prophylaxis with fluoride in my lectures as illustrative material on how statistics can not be made under any circumstances.
Fluorides trigger (or aggravate) various symptoms, against which caries still seems harmless.
These symptoms are very similar to those of today’s civilization diseases:

Cardiovascular diseases
hardening of the arteries
high blood pressure
Diseases of the bone system such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis
Diseases of the liver and kidneys
rheumatic phenomena
Muscle, joint, leg and back pain

Also, calcium deficiency, enzyme damaging etc.

In areas with fluoridated drinking water, tooth fluorosis, osteoporosis, cancer rates and many other health problems have increased significantly. Nevertheless, the alleged safety of fluoridation continues to be fooled.

There are now clear words from people who have switched to other means:

Fluorine was used as a rat poison and insecticide
Fluorine belongs to the hazardous waste
Fluorine is a waste product of the aluminum, steel and fertilizer industry
Fluorine is about twice as toxic as arsenic
With fluoride, the CIA experimented years ago to make people calm and passive

The industry does not want to know about it and today praises Floride in the vast majority of toothpastes. The shelves are full of it. Even if it occurs only in “low” doses in the toothpaste, which the industry would like to counter, but then it makes but the amount that comes through monthly or years of daily use in the weight.
It has been proven to harden the walls of the pineal gland, causing disturbances in the daily rhythm, making premature fatigue noticeable, and encouraging lack of desire.
An information source can be found here.

The pineal gland is an important gland in the diencephalon. It produces the hormone melatonin. It is a connecting element between the physical and the mental (intuitive) level. An undisturbed function of this gland is therefore important. It allows us to intuitively know that we are one spiritually one. Each of us is a multi-dimensional being who experiences in one body in this world. What can you do?

1. Buy toothpaste without fluorine
For example, look at Amazon for “toothpaste without fluorine”. For example Lavera.

2. You can also make your toothpaste yourself.
A powder of ginger, oak bark, peppermint and sodium tartrate

Simply google “toothpaste myself…”



Säuren werden stets im Körper gebildet. Basen dagegen müssen immer von außen zugeführt werden. Um zu einem Gleichgewicht zu kommen, sollte die Nahrung deshalb überwiegend basenreich sein.


Außerdem enthält der Körper normalerweise 80% Basen und 20% Säuren. Bei einer denaturierten, industriellen Fertigung von Nahrungsmitteln ist es genau umgekehrt.