How to strengthen individual meridians and thereby dissolve energy blocks

Since every meridian also has a connection with corresponding organs, glands, etc.,

this has healing effects - targeted to precisely these areas in the body.


The soothing point massages described here can energize the entire channel, i.e. promote the free flow of energy across all areas through which the energy flows.

For example, the kidney 1 point at the bottom of the foot has a calming effect on the entire body, because the kidney pathway with the internal branches leads up to the ears. Therefore, the point is often used to initiate treatment. You can use this to measure how strong the effect can be if you energize a guideway at important points and thus remove blockages in the course of the meridian.

A treatment of ameridian therefore also applies to the concerned
Organs, glands or parts of the body and has a healing influence to them.

Press or do circles for each of the following points on both sides of the body for approx. 1 minute.
The treated person breathes relaxed into the points. It pays attention to the heat generated and the energy flow in the area concerned.
Then leave a few breaths to trace.

The effects set in even without imagination. But just as imagination, for example, can influence the pulse rate, it is also possible that imagination can both impair and promote the effect.
For this reason, presentation images are also included in the treatment of the points.
For people who are not receptive to this, you can of course omit them.

The energy traces can also be treated in pairs.
This can further enhance the beneficial effects of a treatment.
In the case of the guideways that start or end by hand, these are the pairs
Heart – small intestine, 3 warmer (TW) – pericardium and lung – large intestine.
In the case of the guideways that begin or end at the foot, these are
Liver – spleen, stomach – gall bladder and kidney – bladder.

You can find out which meridian is most helpful in the situation in question from the descriptions given here for each meridian. Further help for determining the meridians to be treated with priority in the event of complaints can also be found in the menu above under “Symptoms / symptoms according to meridians” or under “Points / points according to pathways” in the right-hand column.

The points can be treated with needles, by massage or with biophoton plasters.

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