Important body points to choose:

Hand / Arm

Head / Face


Leg / Foot

Choose your favorite points - for a daily vitalization

Important points to learn and apply

Rub points briefly, massage, press or just lightly touch – and trace each one …

Do not just give yourself or others an invigorating (revitalizing, energizing) body, but seize the opportunity
to practice the most important points and get a feeling for the effects of these important points.
Or maybe you’ll be spoiled by your partner? …

Daily training for example with the points

LI4 relaxes the entire hull
Lu7 promotes the free flow of breath
Pe6 reduces stress, promotes serenity
B2 relaxes the eyes
GV26 + B10 + G20 rub the head edge with both thumbs vigorously, invigorating into the face
Taiyang clears the head
CV17 finger just put on it slightly, strengthens the self-confidence
CV6 Gently put the backs of both hands on each other’s stomach and feel the entire abdominal area relax
St36 strengthens and invigorates the legs, digestion is stimulated
Moving the area in circles with the fingers, stimulates blood circulation in the legs, relaxes and invigorates the entire lower abdomen …,
K3: strengthens kidneys, the original qi, has a balancing effect, warms the feet
K1: Just let thoughts go, soothing.

Even if you only treat your selected favorite points on a daily basis in quick succession, ie only for 2 to 3 breaths, the internal organs or parts of the body or the body connected to the respective channels will be strengthened and energized as a whole.

Many Chinese (as well as other Asian countries) not only like qigong exercises in, for example, Beijing Central Park, but people also attend PointPress short programs to promote health and fitness at home.

After a Point Press treatment, you will feel well in the long term. You have done something for your health, your well-being and your energy.

The points always have a positive effect on the body. If you like it, you can enhance the effect by accompanying the treatment of a point with positive thoughts and feelings. That too is quite common in qigong or point press. This is why visualizations (ie, mental images) are possible at every point (see the visualization texts when clicking on the left).

At first, stretch yourself comfortably and take a few deep breaths. Feel relaxed and comfortable. Release the spirit.

The pressure can be different for individual points. Sometimes rubbing or circling is appropriate and sometimes just draining. Trust your own intuition. Breathe relaxed.

Treat the points in principle on both sides of the body or both sides of the body simultaneously with two hands.

Give your body a little time to react. Always feel for something. Often you may experience a spreading slight warming or a tingling sensation towards the body during or after treatment.

If you then do the final exercises (see left), then you have achieved a perfect vitalization of the body with the channels, the organs up to the body cells. The effect on the body is enhanced when you breathe deep into the abdomen to the pelvis and then exhale very relaxed …