Choose a Meridian: 

Akupunktur Nieren-Leitbahn Akupunkturpunkte Niere Nieren-Meridian acupuncture meridians chinese medicine man body

Choose the body area
by clicking here on a
leg area or on the body
area and then click in
the right enlarged picture
to a desired point.

1 cun = 1 thumb width, 2 cun = 3 finger widths, 3 cun = 3 finger widths + 1 thumb width, etc.

1. Choose the body area
by clicking on the left graphic
(Leg, arm, head or body)
and then click

2. in the enlarged view
the adjacent graphic on one point.

3. Then you can choose between the effects of the point on the Western or Eastern (TCM) or psychic point of view.

leads Qi to the central palace shufu

2 cun lateral centerline, in depression between the clavicle and first rib
3 mm moxibustion possible