Quick check-up of symptoms per meridian - See table below ...

Quick and easy finding of helpful body points

You are still untrained in finding the most helpful body points for your physical symptoms? Then the best thing to do is:

Example: stomach upset.
First, shorten the keyword, in this case, for example, just “stomach”. Other symptoms are similar.
Specifications usually come later in the series. Then go through the following points:
1) In the table below, look through each meridian for the keyword “stomach” and click on the appropriate keywords.
2) Then, for the selected meridians, review the effects of the most common points and select the most appropriate points.
While this may take a bit of time initially, it usually takes no more than 10 minutes to find the perfect point combination.
Incidentally, you can find the 3 – 5 most common body points per meridian in the menu “Points / 50 most important points”.
If you occasionally do not find what you are looking for, it would be useful to check the remaining points of the meridian.
3) In addition, look at the effects of the meridians conception vessel and GV.
With practice, you will soon know the meaning of the most important points per meridian for physical symptoms, which makes the point selection faster after some practice.

Each meridian is responsible for a far greater number of complaints and physical symptoms than is assumed from the name out. So the kidney meridian is not only responsible for the kidneys, but also for the bones, the hair, the blood formation, etc. This is because each meridian covers all areas through which it flows. In addition to the points on the surface, each meridian also has inner connecting arms. A list of the most important physical symptoms per meridian can be found under “Menu / Points by Channels” in the right information box.

For some ailments it is relatively easy to choose a meridian and its symptoms. But in case of abdominal pain, for example, a greater number of meridians can be considered, such as the stomach, spleen, liver, bile, etc. All have something to do with digestion.

For safety’s sake, go through each meridian in turn. You can then recognize the meridians that are named the most by the score. Soon you will see which meridian is to be strengthened. If the numbers are close to each other or if several meridians have very high numerical values, then several meridians are affected and treated. Of course, you can also weight certain symptoms higher. In that case, it may well be that the meridian with the highest score does not make the difference, but that you choose the meridian that best suits your own weighting of symptoms. As I said, if necessary, there may be several meridians to be strengthened. For very complex complaints, you can of course also look in the menu under “TCM”.
For more security, you should also go through the mental symptoms per meridian, if you can also address this area with the client / patient (see Menu / Symptoms / Mental symptoms per lead or click above).

Thereafter, you will be offered various therapies: body point therapies, exercise therapies, respiratory therapies and psychological procedures to change certain settings. See menu “Point Press”. By the way, repeated reading is ideal for learning the peculiarities of each individual meridian.

Which meridian is in high demand at the moment in your physical symptoms?

Activity lacking
Anxiety states
drive weakness
loss of appetite
arms / legs weak
breathing difficulties
eye pain
intervertebral disc wear
Belly air in the hotel sluggishness
movement disorders
prostate symptoms
blood pressure lower
high blood pressure
adult inhibited
Exhaustibly fast
Fever evening evening fever without sweat
shackles weak
soles of the feet are hot yawning frequently
memory bad
Hearing bad
walking disorders
joints stiff
joints extendable
joint pain
hair loss
hair blunt
hands or feet cold
urine pale
Urine viscous cloudy
urine behavior
urinary tract infections
urinary tract symptoms hoarseness
Hot soles of feet
hot flashes
Cold sensitivity
knee weak
knee joint weight
head pressure
circulatory weakness
low back pain
cross weakness
muscle cramps
muscle weakness
night sweats
kidney problems
buzzing ears
Ear disorders
prostate speed
control problems of all kinds
irritable bladder
Rheumatic symptoms
back pain
thyroid evaporation
Sleeping sickness
frightfulness feeling weak
welding feet
sex. Activity weak
sex. Faulty fulfillment
lower abdominal pain
uterine prolapse
feeling of fullness
Premature graying
leg cramps
urination frequent
involuntary urination
Menopausal symptoms
lack of will
teeth bad
tongue dry