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GV20 point of the meeting of all meridians

Try it out:
If you feel that you need more energy in your head, then press LG20 for a minute or two. I am sure that you will be astonished, because you will perceive an animation and an increasing mental clarity as well as a pleasant feeling, as if they have somehow got further inwardly. Is that exaggerated? As I said, try it yourself! (for exact location see below).
Students of acupuncture stimulate this point before exams.

Location: Follow the line from the top of each ear. Where both lines meet, GV20 lies in a small dent, which is known as Fontanelle. Press or massage this point gently for about 30 seconds.
Feel the pleasant effects a bit.

GV20 (Baihui) promotes clarity of thought, memory, brightens, boosts self-confidence, widens awareness,
calms the mind, regulates the rising yang, clears the senses. He has a connection to the pineal gland.

Studies have shown that GV20 has a measurable invigorating effect on the body.
It is therefore a special point because it is the “meeting point” of all the railways.
It is often used as the beginning or end of a treatment because it lightens the mood.
The point is so sensitive that even laying down a finger can be enough to achieve this effect.
According to ancient Ayurvedic tradition, the point is used to open the top chakra for the
Access to a spiritual experience. In any case, he can contribute to more intuitive thinking and one
lead to a clearer discriminating ability.

GV20 is often used at
A headache,
Blood pressure too low or too high,
bad memory, weakness, dizziness,
Eye pain, red eyes, paleness,
Nasal irritation, cold,
cold limbs, cold sweats, colds,
Heat phenomena
Heart problems,
Overdose of alcohol,
overpowering rule,
Sleepwalking, trembling, muscle twitching, sunstroke, bone marrow problems,
Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, psychosis, hysteria

Psychic experiences:
GV20 promotes an inner balance, soothes exaggerated emotions.
The point is brightening and at the same time mentally calming,
helps with restlessness, nervous exhaustion, depression, anxiety, nightmares, boredom, sleep deprivation, sighing, melancholy. If the point is blocked, then illusions, unsteady feelings, feel like victims.