Body points ( = acupuncture points = acupressure points) can help you with many deseases. Find here points for daily use.


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Point Press - and you feel well!


How to proceed with acupuncture points?

Get to know and apply the most important body acupuncture points.
In the beginning, you may go through all the acupuncture points described below in a fast run. Treat the points at first only for 2 to 3  breaths. It is about feeling and experiencing the sense of the points, their treatment and their effects on yourself.

The points are selected meridian points that strengthen and energize corresponding organs and regions.
In China, they are often part of the daily routine. After the treatment you feel well in the long term. You do something for your health, your well-being and your vitality every day.
Of course you can also choose “your favorite points” and concentrate yourself only  to these acupuncture points.

The points work without visualization. However, you can enhance the effect by accompanying the treatment of a point with positive thoughts and feelings. For this purpose, visualizations (ie, mental images) are proposed at every point.

At first, stretch yourself comfortably and take a few deep breaths. Feel relaxed and comfortable. Release the spirit.
People are very different. Sometimes a simple touch of the points is enough. In other cases, pressing, rubbing, circling, massaging, fixed constant pressing, or pressing at intervals may be appropriate. Trust your own intuition.
You can also stay longer for some points, shorter for others.
Begin the well-being treatment with one or two deep breaths down to the abdomen.
If you want to, then you can connect with the exhale a really comforting sigh.
Then continue to breathe freely and allow your body a moment to react at each acupuncture point.
So always feel a little bit behind. Mostly, you can experience a revival of the region around the point.

The Acupuncture Points

LI4 “United valleys”: Near the highest point of the muscle mountain between forefinger and thumb, in the direction of the index finger.
Push deeply and constantly, relax and breathe. When pregnant, do not use this point.
It is an excellent balancing point for stress states of all kinds (!).
Also helps with painful conditions of all kinds, insomnia, restlessness, allergies, improves skin (complexion),
makes the arms, shoulder and neck more mobile.
Not without reason one of the most famous and effective body points.
VISUALIZE: First take a deep, relaxing breath. Feel, while you breathe in deep into the abdomen, as if your whole body is filled with vital energy. And you can just let go of everything when exhaling …
Then you start the treatment. At the end, feel the beneficial effects after 2-3 breaths …
Then switch to the other hand …
If you pause for a moment after the treatment, you may be able to perceive how a warming energy emanates from the treated points and slowly passes over the arms into the body …

Lu7 “Missing order”: Both thumbs crossed, put index finger tip on inner arm, it points to Lu7.
Press, take a relaxed breath and repeat the other side. Trace.
Strengthens respiratory system, helps with neck stiffness, restlessness, nervousness, headaches, frees skin pores, also the first point in a cold.
Actively dissolves, dissipates. Also helps with edema, cold sores.
So Lu7 is primarily soothing, strengthening and dispersing on the lungs and skin.
VISUALIZE: Imagine lungs as free, healthy and strong … Tracking down.

H7 “Road to Joy”: Inner wrist crease, in front of the lower palpable tendon on the wrist.
Press, rub or circle with your thumb
Improves and strengthens the circulation and the heart function, effectively helps with restlessness, nervousness, stress, over-excitability, constant action, irritability, anxiety, indifference, sleep disorders, test anxiety, large mood swings, strengthens memory.
Also helps with constant sickness, promotes security and stability feeling. H7 strengthens the heart and thus the vital energy. Heat spreads slowly. Confidence. Inwardly feeling of arriving.
VISUALIZE:  Serenity. Hilarity. Well-being. Feeling of Love.
Stay a while with these feelings

LI11 “pond in the bend”: at the outer end of the elbow fold.
Firmly press constantly, breathe relaxed, stay with it for a while.
Helps with headache, sore throat, neck, improves skin.
Helps with any internal heat, arm aches, external and internal inflammation, acne and allergic reactions, and toothache.

Soothes and relaxes the skin, tendons and joints
VISUALIZE: Feel the skin, tendons and joints relax.

SI3 “The Back Watercourse”: On the outside of the hand, at the border between red and light skin, close behind the finger joint
Supports muscles and tendons.
Main acupuncture point for the neck, shoulders, with movement restrictions and tension.
Relieves cramps.
Also helps with depression, restlessness, anxiety, night sweats, over exited, mood swings.
VISUALIZE: Free, relaxed mobility of fingers, hands, arms, shoulders, and neck. Stay a little whil with it …

B11 “Big shuttle boat”: on the back near the neck, below the strongly protruding last cervical vertebra lies the 1st thoracic vertebra bone, the acupuncture point lies 2 finger widths beside the midline.
Relax on both sides with index and / or middle finger and firmly press or circling, breathing relaxed. When the arms get tired in between, loosen for a moment and then continue.
Strengthens bones throughout the body, helps with headaches, neck problems, stiff neck, throat tightness, shallow breathing, colds, tense shoulders
The point is called Bone master point.
VISUALIZE: Feel how your neck relaxes, and you can easily let go of the shoulders.

G34 “Source on the sunlit hill”: “: In a deepening at the lower leg head above, laterally between bone and tendon.
Firmly press or circle in the direction of the foot, breathe relaxed.
Nourishes muscles and tendons, promotes mobility of the lower body region. Promotes healthy bile function and liver function. Brings energy from the head and stomach into the legs, strengthens muscles. Helps with tension in shoulders, chest and flanks,
Helps with nervousness, frustration, anger or lability, directs energy into healthy pathways.
VISUALIZING: Strong, well-moving muscles throughout the body.

B40 “In the middle of the bend”: middle knee joint fold, rear.
With the knee slightly bent, press into the gap between the tendons and veins, both simultaneously or one after the other.
Breathe relaxed.
Promotes the flow of energy through the lower body, increases mobility in the back and legs, eliminates tension, stiffness, pain in these areas
Helps with night sweats, sciatica, back pain, lumbar pain, knee pain, leg tingling.
Also for bladder disorders, urinary hold back, hemorrhoids and also for skin diseases of all kinds and allergies.
So it’s a point with multiple effects.
VISUALIZE: Imagine that all the “mechanics” of your joints are brushed and shiny, so that fresh energy flows through all the joints.

Sp6 “The compound of the three yin”: 4 transverse fingers above the inner malleolus, just behind the shinbone
Push, rub, circling, breathing relaxed. If pregnant, do not use this point, visualize and breathe relaxed.
Master point for pelvis and lower abdomen, main acupuncture point in all gynecological disorders.
Helps digestion, with all menstrual complaints, limb severity,
improves mobility of legs and feet, improves skin, should also be potentiating.
Also helpful in case of depressive mood, fatigue, worries.
VISUALIZE: Replace feelings of weakness with strength, health, vitality, confidence … Stay a little while with these feelings…

K3 “Creek onset”: Inner knuckle and Achilles tendon, center in deepening, 3 o’clock-pointer direction seen from the ankle.
Press lightly, rub or circling, also simultaneously with B60.
Strengthens kidneys, adrenals, bladder, promotes hormone balance, lower back, sexual function,
Prevents regular symptoms and regulates menses. Also for muscle cramps, cold hands or feet, frequent yawning.
Sells insomnia. Helps with poor sexual fulfillment, anxiety, fatigue, sighing, jibing.
Balances Yin and Yang (or emptiness and fullness) in the kidney meridian course.
Strengthens the essence, the effect goes straight to the primal Qi, strengthens the bones and the marrow, strengthens the lumbar region and knee, regulates the uterus,
with any kidney weakness.
A “super point” …
VISUALIZE: Vital, healthy, well-functioning bladder and gynecological system … Tracing …

B60 “Olympus”: Between outer knuckle point and Achilles tendon, in clear deepening.
Push down in the direction of the tendon, rubbing or circling, breathing relaxed.
Strengthens bladder system, increases the mobility of the back, legs and feet, also helps with headaches, eye complaints, back pain, ankle discomfort, swelling of the lateral malleolus, cramps in legs, feet, arms, hands. Beware of pregnancy.
Master point of pain in the entire bladder meridian area, especially head (migraine), neck, shoulders, back and sciatica
VISUALIZE: how strengthening energy flows from the upper and lower back to the legs and feet … stay a while with this feeling…

K1 “Bubbling Source”: on the sole of the foot, just below the toe bale between the 1st and 2nd toe.
Push or circle, relax and breathe.
Stimulates and strengthens the flow of energy through the body, regulates blood pressure. Helps with dizziness and weakness, deepens relaxation, helps with headaches.
Regulates and strengthens Qi. K1 is often used as a relaxing finish.
VISUALIZING: how a relaxing, but also living, invigorating energy flows through the body, especially through the kidneys and the bladder area.

Extension of acupuncture points

You can add more acupuncture points to the normal routine. It is of course possible to select individual body acupuncture points according to your own wishes or needs. Everyone can put together his own individual program.
At the end you can add a very popular little qigong exercise “stretching the arms” or even the “rubbing the ears”.
See below.
In the Extended Version, you can still add the following, also very effective body points:

Pe6 “Inner Passtor”: On the forearm, inside, 3 finger-width behind the wrinkle of the wrist, in the middle, between the middle tendons.
Press lightly in the direction of the hand, breathe relaxed.
It calms, also helps with abdominal discomfort, motion sickness (for example dizziness), high or low blood pressure.
Important far point for upper abdomen (solar plexus).
Insomnia, inner agitation, anxiety, mental disorders, forgetfulness
VISUALIZE: heart and circulation are strengthened. Sunbathing relaxes. Stay a little while with the sensations you feel…

TW5 “Pass out”: Forearm outside, center, 3 finger widths behind wrist crease, between elbow and spoke.
Press, relax and breathe.
Main acupuncture point for rheumatic complaints.
Strengthens circulation, helps with headaches.
VISUALIZE: good connection between the chest, abdominal and pelvic area, circulation is strengthened. Obstacles are dismantled and dissolved. Stay a little while with the sensations you feel…

G34 “Source on the sunlit hill”: “: In a deepening at the lower leg head above, laterally between bone and tendon.
Firmly press or circle in the direction of the foot, breathe relaxed.
Nourishes muscles and tendons, promotes mobility of the lower body region. Promotes healthy bile function and liver function. Brings energy from the head and stomach into the legs, strengthens muscles. Helps with tension in shoulders, chest and flanks,
Helps with nervousness, frustration, anger or lability, directs energy into healthy pathways.
VISUALIZING: Strong, well-moving muscles throughout the body.

LV3 “Full of momentum and energy”: In angle and deepening between 1st and 2nd metatarsals.
Push in the direction of the leg, rub or circling, breathing relaxed. Or rub the one leg with the hack of one leg on the other foot …
Strong soothing effect, helps with metabolic disorders, brightens mood, improves sleep.
Draws too much energy in the head down towards the legs. Therefore also good for headaches.
VISUALIZE: joie de vivre, lust, harmony, healthy implementation, expressiveness. Trace.

GV26 “moat”: on the upper lip groove to the nose, slightly above the middle.
Press at short intervals, relax and breathe.
Strengthens brain functions, strengthens ability to concentrate, memory, helps with lack of concentration.
VISUALIZE: Clear consciousness, clear thinking.

CV17 “Atrium of the Breast”: the middle of the breast at the level of the nipples, close to the beginning of the deepening.
Gently squeeze, relax and breathe. Possibly use palm of your hand.
Important point that promotes healthy functioning of heart and lungs, strengthens vitality, improves breathing, helps in bad mood, strengthens the ability to perceive feelings properly. Promotes self-confidence.
VISUALIZE: good energy flow in the body, good oxygen supply through the lungs. Trace.

CV6 “Sea of Energy”: 2 fingers width below the belly button.
Press gently and firmly, breathe relaxed, gradually increase pressure. You can also place the fingertips of both hands back to back on the area around CV6 and slowly press slightly more with all fingertips into the abdomen while breathing in with relief.
The most important acupuncture point to strengthen the whole body, especially sexual organs.
Promotes stamina, confidence, vitality, helps with fatigue, faster fatigue, nervousness, restlessness, insomnia,
cold arms and legs, despondency, infertility, impotence.
VISUALIZE: Heat and strength fill the abdominal and pelvic area

Final ear massage
The ears contain hundreds of tiny acupuncture points that are related to the whole body.
An ear massage strengthens and stimulates all organs, supports the healthy flow of the lymph and regulates the hormonal system.
VISUALIZE: good health and vitality for the whole body.
Maybe in the end you think it’s like the centenarian who says every day, “I’m radiantly healthy …”

Final relaxing stretching.
In the end you can stretch, loll, shake hands and feel relaxed and energized a couple of times.

A very good final is also the following
“Stretching into happiness”:
The stretching of the arms has so many good effects on body and soul, that this small movement sequence occupies a favorite position.
It strengthens the heart, circulation, lungs, digestive system, spine, back, neck, eyes.
The lung volume increases, more oxygen enters the brain, muscles, tendons and nerves.
Stretching balances the spine and relaxes the abdominals and diaphragm.

While breathing deeply, move your arms up above your head. Slowly turn the palms outwards so that the palms of the hands are directed towards the sky and the elbows are turned sideways outwards.
Push your hands up a little more. As you exhale, slowly lower your hands sideways.
Feeling: When stretching the arms upwards, you may feel as if you are lounging well.
Imagine, as if you stretch into the happiness or loll.
Breathing: When inhaling, let a pleasant feeling flow into the abdomen.
Feel how chest and stomach fill with the energy of heaven or, if you like, the universe.
While exhaling (perhaps sighing) exhale let everything spilled out of the mouth.
Exhale all tensions, constrictions, so that only pure feel-good energy remains in you.
It is similar to the feeling that remains after you have straightened, stretched and yawned.
Number: Normal are 6 movement sequences with 6 deep breaths.
If you do it right, you will be able to experience a satisfying animation after the first time.
Probably you will experience with the latest, the sixth time, how you smile satisfied …
(Just as all participants of my Qigong groups do, without that being mentioned at the beginning of this little exercise.)


o Have you also noticed a lateral stretching of the ribcage?
o Has a kind of satisfied loll feeling adjusted when raising the arms?
o Can you clearly feel the relaxing feel-good energy while exhaling?

Enjoy the pleasant effects of this movement sequence for a while.
(Perhaps you get the feeling of loving yourself and everyone and everything else around you … :))