Harmonizing yuan - balancing points of the hand

Yuan points raise or calm

Lu9 Large gullet in the wrinkle of the wrist in front of the thumb in the top recess
Dryness is moistened, mucus is converted and expelled, coughing stops, heat is cooled. Affects all blood vessels. Cold hands, weak voice, respiratory problems. Strengthens the lungs and spleen.

Pe7 Large hill on the wrist fold, between the middle tendons
Soothes, cools heat, harmonizes stomach, helps with anxiety, anxiety, insomnia. You accept the reality.

H7 The road to merriment on the small finger side in the inner wrinkle of the wrist, above the lower palpable tendon
Great, calming effect. Too much stress is reduced. (“Too much yang is mined”). Energy congestion is dissolved, heart energy calms down. Depression and anxiety disappear.

SI4 wrist bone still on the hand side, in front of the carpal bone in a depression.
Helps with arthritis in hands and fingers, but also head, neck, shoulder and flank pain. As good at constipation, diarrhea, lowers fever, helps with over-excitement.

TW4 pond of Yang in depression from the middle of the outer wrist gap
Helps with hand and arm sprains, – pain. But also with regular symptoms, nervous weakness due to lack of sleep, hot flashes, mood swings. Even with diabetes.

LI4 United valleys close to the highest muscle mountain in front of the index finger bone
One of the most important points of all: Helps with all pain conditions of head, tooth, back, stomach. Also in case of exhaustion, cold, fever, irregular rule, stiff neck, rash, acne, insomnia, dizziness, restlessness … A real “super-point” that is most commonly used.

Harmonizing Yuan - balancing points of the foot

Yuan points raise or calm

K3 brook beginning Between inner knuckle and Achilles tendon, middle in depression, 3 o’clock-pointer direction
Strengthens kidneys, essence, bones, marks, warms feet, helps with anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, somnolence, toothache, impotence, regular disturbances, rheumatism.

Sp3 Strongest Bright side foot inside, behind the prominent head of the metatarsal bone
Indigestion, flatulence, belching, joint problems, circulatory disorders of the legs.

LV3 Full of momentum and harmony in angle and depression between 1. u. 2.Middlefoot bones <br> Helps with metabolic disorders, depressive moods, arousal, high blood pressure, soothes high-shooting liver yang, eliminates blood stagnation, eliminates liver wind, lumbago, urinary retention

St42 Full swing of the Yang 2 cross finger below St41, next to and above the highest point of the foot.
Nervous disorders, cramps, causes moisture, sudden violent pain, sensory pain in legs and feet, weather sensitivity, puffiness, soothes the Yang, stomach upset, heartburn

G40 Field on the hill just before and below the outer knuckle, in depression
Promotes mental strength, difficult decisions, dissolves congestion in liver and bile, helps with constant reluctance, connective tissue weakness, head and neck pain, fever.

B64 Character of the capital close behind lateral bony promontory on the side foot
removes heat, calms the mind, strengthens the back, clears the head, expels wind, sedates, clarifies consciousness, helps with bladder and kidney problems, fever with cramps, constant body tension