Master Points

Master points are especially effective concentration points of Qi.

You can distinguish classic master points and “European” master points.
Classic influence points are points where the Qi

1. for certain tissues (blood, bones, etc.) and
2. for organ groups (yin organs, yang organs)

can be influenced particularly strongly and sustainably.

1. Classic tissue influence points are:

for respiratory organs CV17
for muscles and tendons G34
for bone B11
for blood B17
for blood vessels Lu9
for bone marrow G39

2. Classical influence points of organ groups

for all yin organs (liver, spleen etc.) LV13
for all yang organs (stomach, small intestine etc.) CV12

There is also the so-called

European Master Points:

These are the following points:

Bladder points for:
B17 diaphragm and respiration
B21 stomach (approval point)
B31 climacteric, hormonal disorders
B40 Skin diseases and pain in the lumbosacral area (sacral and lumbar spine), sciatica
B58 Claudicatio intermittens
B60 pain throughout bladder meridian (eg back)
B62 Insomnia (with N6)

Gallbladder Points for:
G14 Test point for bile problems and biliary colic
G30 sciatica, paralysis legs, feet, bone disease test point (with B11)
G34 muscle and tendon problems, pain
G39 bone marrow
G41 discomfort of the large joints

Lung points for:
Lu5 skin diseases on the face
Lu7 chest disturbances, swelling
Lu9 vascular diseases
Lu11 sore throat

Large intestine points for:
LI1 toothache
LI4 pain analgesia (reversal) of pain in the upper body (especially stomach, back)
LI5 arm paralysis
LI11 infections, strengthen the immune system
Lift LI14 arm sideways

Stomach points for:
St30 Strengthening the sexual system
St36 hypo / hypertension, hormonal disorders, gastric, intestinal disorders, vomiting, excitement
Analgesia (reversal) Pain lower body, knee and foot problems

Spleen-pancreas points for:
Sp4 diarrhea
Sp5 connective tissue weakness, menstrual disorders
Sp6 gynecology, obstetrics
Sp9 Urogenital disorders, menstrual disorders

Liver points for:
LV2, LV3 Spasms, psycho-balancing, in hypertension
Activate LV13 metabolism
LV14 nausea

Triple warmer for:
TW4 vasomotor (head nerves) headache, hand pain after gypsum removal
TW5 rheumatism, bones, small joints
TW15 arms, weather ability
TW21 ear complaints

Pericard  – Points for:
Pe6 lifts mood, supporting circulation, nausea, analgesia (lifting) upper body pain
Circulatory disorders in the arm
Pe7 hypertension, intercostal neuralgia

Conception vessel (CV, Ren Mai)
CV6 Lack of energy, weakness, shingles, hypotension, impotence
CV12 stomach and upper abdominal complaints
CV13 cramps and upper abdominal colic
CV15 psycho-balancing, regulate vital energy
CV17 disorders in the chest, and thorax
CV22 irritating cough
CV24 stutter

Governor vessel (GV, Du Mai) for:
GV4 mental and physical fatigue, strengthen sexuality
GV14 exhaustion
GV20 poor concentration
GV26 collapse

Heart point for:
H3 depression