Join in: breathe properly…

Generate well-being – is this your favorite exercise?

Good for the heart, circulation, lungs, brain, muscles, tendons, nerves …
Good for the mind …

With this easy movements, you can quickly create a “heavenly” feeling.
You will see. It might become one of your favorite daily exercises .
As a gimmick, rate your current state of mind on a scale from 1 to 10.
Then do the exercise and then rate your feeling again.
How to create quickly a “heavenly” feeling …

Stretching your arms has so many beneficial effects on your body and soul that this small series of movements is very beneficial for the following reasons.
Effects: It strengthens the heart, circulation, lungs, digestive system, spine, back, neck …
The volume of the lungs increases and more oxygen enters the brain, muscles, tendons and nerves.
By stretching, the spine is balanced and the abdominal muscles and diaphragm are relaxed.

Procedure: When you breathe in deeply, move your arms up to over your head. Slowly turn the palms outwards upwards so that in the end position the palms are facing the sky and the elbows are turned laterally outwards.
Push up a little with your hands. As you exhale, slowly bring your hands down to the sides.

Feeling : When stretching your arms upwards, you can feel as if you are lounging really comfortably.
Breathing : When you inhale, let a pleasant feeling flow into your stomach.

Imagine how your chest and stomach fill with the light energy of heaven or, if you want, of the universe.

When you exhale (with a really loud sigh?) ​​Let everything you use flow out of your mouth.
Exhale all tensions and constrictions so that the energy can flow freely through all your meridians.
Try to get the feeling that remains after yawning and stretching.

Number : Normal are 3 – 6 movement sequences with 3 – 6 deep breaths.
If you do it right, you can experience a blissful, energetic invigoration after the first time.
Probably the sixth time at the latest you will find yourself smiling satisfied …
(Just like all the participants in my qigong groups do without first addressing it.)

Check list

o Did you also notice a lateral stretch of the chest?
o Did you have a kind of satisfied feeling of lolling when you lift your arms?
o Can you clearly feel the relaxing feel-good energy when you exhale?
o How much have well-being and energy increased on the scale from 1 to 10?

Enjoy it …
Enjoy the pleasant effects of this sequence of movements for a while.
(And just love yourself and everyone and everything else around you … :))