Healing Breath Training:

Good for all cells, organs, skin, etc.w.

STANDARD: Breathe in 4 Sek., Hold 2 Sek., Breath out 4 Sek., Relax 2 Sek., Periods 5x

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Recommendation: Stay always in the comfort zone
do not overexert

Imagine that as you inhale, your stomach, your sides, and a little bit also your back expand like a balloon . And sink in a little while breathing out.
How about giving a comforting sigh every now and then while breathing out? Or hum a " Hmmmmm ... "?
If you feel like it, then try times 4 on, 4 hold, 4 off and 4 relax . Or put together your own favorite episode in the top right according to your needs right now.
And compare your state of mind before and after by rating your state of mind on a scale from 1 to 10. Has anything changed ...? Do you feel a little more peace Do you rest a little more in yourself? Or do you feel energetically charged? Very present? Lively? Or all together? Make your own experience ...