Healing Breath has many Benefits…
It supports every other Therapy
“If I had to limit my advice for a healthier life to just one tip,
it would learn to breathe properly. “DR. ANDREW WEIL

Get into action! You can achieve noticeable results very quickly!
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Correct breathing promotes health and well-being

Proper breathing is deeper and more relaxing than shallow, superficial breathing. The cells need oxygen and vital nutrients. Correct breathing optimizes their supply and also the removal of used waste products from all cells out of the body. This benefits all organs, glands, joints, muscles, fascia and the skin. The improved transport counteracts inflammation and promotes well-being because more energy is available.

Correct breathing can cure diseases: reduce diabetes, normalize high blood pressure, resolve digestive problems, eliminate skin problems, promote blood circulation, reduce inflammation, prevent and reduce dementia, improve muscle strength, eliminate balance disorders, improve sleep quality …

Correct breathing gives a clearly perceptible energy boost. Fatigue disappears, efficiency increases, exhaustion turns into power, displeasure into pleasure, depression into confidence.

Awareness of wellbeing instead of stress
Awareness of wellbeing instead of stress
The feel-good factor increases. All cells are doing better. This benefits all areas of the body from head to toe. Correct breathing promotes connection inwards. You feel closer to yourself. A stronger self-awareness makes dealing with other people and things more relaxed. Your own body is more perceived. He thanks you with more sense of wellbeing. Disturbing stress disappears mainly through proper exhalation. The soothing vagus nerve is activated.

Spiritual experience
Meditation is often initiated by observing the breath. In… out….
The loving focus on the breath promotes the feeling of the present. It calms thoughts and feelings. It makes the past and future take a back seat. You live more in the NOW, in the middle of life, from moment to moment. Fear turns into love and compassion. Rage, anger and dander are felt to be superficial compared to the strength and serenity of a strengthened self-consciousness (consiousness of presence).