Meridian-Therapy: Energy-Meridian Spleen Pancreas

Spleen Pancreas

The spleen-pancreatic meridian begins at the outer nail angle of the big toe, runs at the inner foot between white and red skin, then in front of the inner knuckle up to the inner leg, laterally over the belly to the 2nd breast lip gap, makes a kink and runs further laterally Piece back. Internal connections run to the spleen, stomach, diaphragm, heart, esophagus, tongue root and spread over the underside of the tongue.


· Transport of body fluids, keep body moist
· Qi rises and holds organs in their normal position
· Supplies tissue, muscles, organs with nutritional energy and blood, strengthens the connective tissue
· Controls blood, keeps the blood in the vessels
· Ensures a healthy appetite, neither cravings nor loss of appetite
· Makes for red, shiny lips
Pancreas is added to the spleen function (according to Western knowledge, it produces digestive juices and the hormone insulin)

Strengthening the spleen force is required at:

Fatigue, fatigue, exhaustion, wetness affects the spleen as well as excessive thinking or pondering.

Allergies, weak connective tissue, cellulitis, varicose veins, leg edema, constipation, diarrhea

Feelings of weakness, heaviness, weakness, particularly in legs and arms, weak muscles, ligament tears or strains, knee pain A crooked posture, tension and pain in the upper abdomen suggest the spleen energy.

irregular menstruation, menstrual cramps,

Belching, hiccups are other symptoms.

The carnal body proportion can get into imbalance. Inadequate fat burning, therefore fat and obesity, but also slim to lean.

The fluid distribution in the body is no longer correct, thick feet, varicose veins, swollen eyelids.

Most diverse, elusive diseases:

Skin lesions, eczema,

hormonal disorders.

Uterine, renal, gastric.

Wetness can accumulate in the muscles and make them heavy.
Digestive problems.

Nausea can occur because food is not transported properly.

The tongue is thicker at the edges, especially in the middle tongue area than normal, the pulse is empty.
A heavy tongue can be added.

Urinary problems,

Just stuff food into it, tend to bruise. Spleen hyperfunction leads to morbid carelessness.