Meridian-Therapy: Energy of the Tripple Warmer

The Triple Warmer Endocrine glands (e.g., thyroid gland).

It connects three parts of the body: chest, upper abdomen, lower abdomen.
An important complaint is cramps of all kinds,
even with a general susceptibility to illness one can think of the TW.
And finally, you can often consult him on many ailments (see below).


The TW begins at the outer nail angle of the ring finger, runs over the back of the hand, the back of the arm, the shoulder and the side head to a depression next to the eyebrow end.
Deeper branches connect with the pericardium and the three heater areas down to the pelvis and eventually even to the popliteal fossa.


Brings head, heart and stomach in harmony.
Since the Triple Heater consists of three centers that it connects to each other, three sets of disturbances can occur.
The patterns correspond to the respective organ patterns:
Upper heater: lungs and heart (chest)
Middle heater: stomach and spleen (upper abdomen)
Lower heater: kidney, bladder, liver, gallbladder (lower abdomen)

Healing influences of the TW on the body have a positive effect:

Susceptibility to disease, common cold, sore throat, tongue coating one-sided,
Do not reshape liquids properly and excrete them
Bedwetting, urinary behavior, involuntary urination,
Flatulence, constipation due to cramps, diarrhea
Limitations in the mobility of shoulders, arms (lateral arm movements), elbows,
Numbness, sensory disturbances, weak arms and shoulders,
Rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia,
Tension, pain in hands, arms, shoulders, neck,
Middle ear infection, deafness, tinnitus, hearing loss
Temporal headache, drowsiness, migraine, dizziness, cheek swelling,
inflammatory eye diseases, myopia, poor eyesight
Heart complaints, heart failure,
Menstrual pain,
tight chest, shallow breathing,
Night sweats,