Meridian-Therapie: Energy-Meridian Heart

The heart meridian


The heart meridian begins inside, not visible, in the heart. From the armpit, it comes to the surface and leads from there over the inner arm down to the inner fingernail angle of the little finger.

But he has two more invisible connection channels:

The one up to the throat, around the mouth, to the tongue, to the eyes up to the interesting pituitary gland (pituitary gland as queen of the glands, responsible for the hormone regulation).

The second invisible connecting channel goes down over the diaphragm into the abdominal cavity to the small intestine.

The heart supplies all organs in the body with blood and warms the organism.
It is an enormously powerful engine and is rightly regarded as the central organ (king’s organ).

A healthy, strong heart shows itself in a “glowing” skin color, in gleaming eyes and an expressive voice as well as in a healthy vitality.

The heart supplies itself via the coronary vessels.

Healing influences on the body have a positive effect
with tiredness, fatigue, overdone sleep, lack of vitality, nervousness, restless sleep, stress, zappiness, circulatory problems, shallow breathing, chest tightness, lung complaints, high blood pressure, slow or weak pulse, cold feelings, paleness, cold, numb fingers, neck problems, arm and wrist problems and especially with many emotional ailments (stress, nervousness, being unhappy, depressed, lack of control, not fun … see the section on psychology).

The condition of the heart can be read off the tongue: in case of complaints, the tongue is pale and the tip of the tongue is red. It comes to tongue swelling.

Complaints that affect the heart itself are usually treated via the pericardium or pericardium.

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