The psychological meaning of the meridians
Expressed in simple principles
(Modifiable, customizable examples)
For movement and respiratory therapy to open the Channels
Important body points Physical symptoms per route
Mental symptoms per channel

MeridianEmotionPositive AlignmentSuitable guiding principles 
GallbladderDiscouragementAct decisivelyTopic: Transforming enforcement weakness into firm determination.
I am determined.
I definitely follow what makes me go inside (excited).
I always orient myself by what I deeply and heartedly want.
I live my unique personality.
HeartPleasureFeel love and joyTopic: Replace narrow-mindedness with tolerance and “oceanic” feeling
Or, replace superficial “substitute” delights with real feelings of joy and love.
The heart says: I am a significant personality.
And: I focus my attention with myself or with the people around me on the “gemstone”, so on the positive side. The “negative” properties I perceive, but return to the positive side with my attention immediately.
To love means to forgive. I can forgive. That makes me calm.
I lead a life full of strength, joy, love and liveliness.
KidneyAnxietyFeel wideTopic: Replace narrows (fears) with expanse.
I am far inside. (Eventually: “As far as the universe”). And therefore free from anxiety (narrowness).
I see through externals and always align myself with the essence.
Where love is, do not be afraid. Love makes you big. Love goes a long way. Love makes you strong. Love makes you relaxed. Love forgive. Anything but love is an illusion.
LiverAggressivenessKreative PowerTheme: Transform aggression into creativity.
I am creative, full of ideas and always find the best solution. That’s why I can stay relaxed.
LungSadnessFeeling confidentTheme: Replace sadness with positive future prospects.
My breath is far – into the flanks.
I am spiritually open minded.
I look with confidence to a positive future.
SpleenTo worryClear planningTheme: Replace worries with sound, clear, goal-oriented plans.
And thereby strengthen pleasure in doing as well as self-esteem.
Step by step I reach the goal.
I enjoy planning, doing, my performance.
I love the playful, the beautiful, the easy.
I am satisfied with my body. I love everything about my body.
StomachUnprocessedFeel protectedTheme: gaining strength from the feeling of security and security.
I feel so good, as if I had just enjoyed the most wonderful meal of my life.
I feel protection, security and security.
That’s why I can deal with challenges relaxed.
PericardGrimnessFeel inner centerTheme: Replace doggedness with lightness.
I can clearly express what makes me happy and happy. I am emotionally relaxed.
All loads fall off me. What remains is smiling joy.
Small IntestineIrresolutionSay yes or noTheme: Convert Jain to Yes or No. Make a decision from an elevated angle.
I am a relaxed, cheerful observer. This makes me very close to everything.
I can say no. And I can say yes with joy.
Large fixationFixationCan let goTheme: Replace old thought patterns with meaningful, up-to-date beliefs.
I let go of the old. I let go of the illusionary.
I can be happy in the here and now – just like that. Now … and now … and …
TWShiftlessnessFeel aliveTheme: Turning listlessness into liveliness and joy.
I feel a supportive, warming, invigorating energy in me.
I feel full of strength, joy and self-confidence.
BladderStressfeel cheerful and relaxed

Theme: Replace tension and stress with relaxation and rest.
I am the most relaxed person on earth. The truth makes me free. I can face reality calmly and calmly. My field of vision always remains wide – and I stay relaxed. A serene relaxation and serenity can suddenly change everything.