Meridian-Therapy: Pericard Energy

The Pericard-Meridian

The pericard is called the “master of the heart”. As a master of the heart, the pericardium is there to protect the heart,
so that it can perform the work in a protected area.

It protects the heart from emotional pressure in stressful situations.

Or that pressure or stress is not transmitted to the heart and the heart can always do its constant work.

One thinks of the pericardial meridian in circulatory problems, cold hands and feet, blood pressure problems.

The headline could read: If joy is missing …

The pericardium starts next to the nipple, runs in the middle of the inner arm to the nail angle of the middle finger (ring finger side). In its deep branches, it touches the heart, sympathetic and vagus and the pericardium, as well as the central heart yin gate (CV17) and the three heater regions to the pelvis.

Healing influences on the body have a positive effect

Restlessness, depressive moods, hypersensitivity,
Over-excitability, nervousness, neurasthenia,
Insomnia, lack of energy, dizziness, fainting, slower,
Circulatory problems, circulatory problems, angina pectoris
Feeling of pressure in the chest, heartache, palpitations, heart bites,
Hot flashes, tensions in the chest.
Heat sensation in the palms, fever
fast, strong pulse, high blood pressure, low pulse, low blood pressure,
Numbness, sensory disturbances in hand, arm and shoulder,
hot palms, red face,
Inflammation, swelling, swelling in the axillary region,
Arterial Disease
Gastritis, gastrointestinal complaints, hiatal hernia