Meridian-Therapie: Energy-Meridian Lung

The Lung – Meridian

The lung meridian has an interesting, usually little-known course. Because it begins (invisibly) inside the body at the solar plexus! He connects first to the underlying colon, then rises behind the Magenr throat, where he makes an arc to the side and then only below the diaphragm and the lungs on. Then it comes to the outside of the clavicle just before the shoulder muscles out to the surface. From there, the lung energy flows along the inner arm to the outer nail angle of the thumb.


The lung meridian is also of paramount importance.
The lungs control the breath.
The breath has a decisive influence on all bodily functions!
The breath also has an influence on the autonomic nervous system.
Many yoga systems use these connections for their breathing techniques.
Since the skin also “breathes” over the pores, the skin also belongs to the area of ​​influence of the lungs.
The lung energy connects the inside and the outside via the breath.
It has the important task of defending against infection via the immune system.
The lungs deliver the oxygen-enriched blood to the heart and then transport it into the circulation.

A strengthening of the lung strength is announced at:

Voice hoarse, soft, sweating on exertion, vegetative dystonia,
Cold, runny nose, runny nose, infection control, cough, asthma
Skin problems, acne, atopic dermatitis, sweaty hands,
weak muscles, edema (in the whole body), shoulder pain
Flat breathing,
Skin allergies
Tendency to bruises (Lu9)

In a healthy lung energy, the person has a high self-esteem.
A weakened lung creates sadness and disappointment.
(See the next section on psychology)