Meridian-Therapy: Energie-Meridian Kidney

The Kidney Meridian

The kidney meridian starts at the bottom of the soles of the feet, goes past the inner ankle with an interesting loop, up the inner leg, then from the pubic bone with a half-thumb width from the middle of the body upwards over the abdomen until just before the sternum. There on the chest, the distance to the center of the body becomes larger with 2 thumb widths. And he ends just below the collarbone.
Internal branches have a connection to the kidneys, the adrenal glands, to the bladder meridian and to various hormone glands (“endocrine” glands, for example the gonads) up to the pituitary gland (regulates the hormone release) in the brain.

In addition to the regulation of the glands, the kidneys are considered storage of life energy.
This is the so-called Ur-Qi, meaning the life-force given by the parents.
It also stores those energies that are supplied by respiration and food.

This essentially results in three forces:
Power of development through growth, the preservation power of the precious vitality and reproductive power.

A strengthening of the kidney power is announced at:

Sensitivity to cold
Low back pain, cross weakness in exertion, disc wear, osteoporosis, bad teeth,
weak knees or leg restraints, joint pain, distensible joints
Evening fever, night sweats, hot soles
Thick, cloudy urine (yin deficiency), pale urine, abundant (yang deficiency)
terrified, anxious, lack of will, listless, bored, timid, shy, withdrawn
Premature symptoms of aging, rheumatic phenomena, hair loss, premature graying, presbycusis
Fluid retention (edema, effusions or swelling)
Urinary and kidney problems, regular complaints, prostate problems
Dry tongue
Poor circulation
Calmness, lack of physical activity