****    Corona (Covid) – Special: Strengthen your lungs – for free…    ****

Covid is a lung disease. So it makes sense to strengthen the lungs.
This much is certain: The virus does not like oxygen. With more oxygen supply you can therefore counteract the spread of the virus.
More oxygen strengthens lungs, heart, kidneys and other organs and is good for all cells in the body.
Artificial respiration alliances also work with oxygen.

In a smaller kind of view you can also get an oxygen supply at home with the right breathing exercises.
And you can do something prophylactically by taking a slow deep breath into your chest, holding your breath a little while,
so that the oxygen can spread all over the lungs.
And then exhale in a relaxed manner.
This is followed by a few “normal”, relaxing breaths.
If you do the whole thing 3 to 10 times in a row, you definitely have a lot more oxygen in your body.
This supply not only strengthens the immune system, but also has many other advantages. And that’s why it’s also very recommendable in “normal” times.
The cells in the body need oxygen. It provides the fuel for the work in the cells, so to speak.

Just give it a try. And see for yourself how good it is.

A few advantages of (simple) breathing exercises
– All cells are better supplied with oxygen.
– Organs are revitalized and strengthened.
– The skin is better supplied with blood.
– You have more energy.
– You’re more productive.
– The digestion is stimulated.

That’s how it works
(perhaps you will join in now?):

Sit or stand upright and straight. Shoulders back a little.
Chest a little bit “foreword” … head a little bit back so that you have a straight and upright posture.
(Or lie down and relax. That works too.)

And now:
– Breathe in slowly and deeply into your chest (lungs).
– The lungs expand
– and widen the chest and diaphragm.
– Hold your breath a little while so that the oxygen can spread throughout the lungs.
– And then exhale slowly or quickly (depending on what you feel like at the moment) ..
– The diaphragm below the lungs comes back completely into the relaxed starting position.
A few relaxing, comforting breaths can now follow.

Pure relaxation…

You can also sigh comfortably while exhaling.
Or you imagine how you let go of everything inside and sink in a little bit.
You can also think of the word “relax” and sink in a bit.
Or you can feel fully supported by the floor (or seat).

New cycle

When you’re ready to take the next deep breath then start again as above.

You do the whole thing 3 to 10 times.

After that, you will have a lot of oxygen in your lungs and all over your body.

Feel the pleasant effects for a while longer.
If you like the following words, then you can say them now (inside):
“I feel incredibly good …”

You can also do the exercise while walking – while you are walking.
In the forest or at home, maybe with the window open?

Variation: arms up …

As you inhale, raise your arms straight up over your head, and then lower them back down as you exhale.
This will increase the lung volume even more!
* Do not overdo the breathing exercises.
Always stay in the comfort zone.
If you have problems, contact your doctor or alternative practitioner.

What else you can do?

Tea, lozenges and homeopathy
Cistus tea works very well with signs of a cold, or corresponding lozenges for sore throats.
For coughing, homeopaths recommend Bryonia, for example. A test could be worthwhile.

Run or walk fast
If you can find a quiet road, park, or forest nearby, go for a run.
Run about 50 or 100 meters as fast as you can.
Or run slowly 300 meters. Or just walk a longer distance a little faster.
Let your breath flow freely. After that, go relaxed for a while and watch your breath and your body.
Watch the flow of breath through your body. Feel the vitalization of your cells by running.
(Maybe you notice how your body is happy about the variety? … :))
But don’t overdrive!

Energizing hands by “washing” them
Sometimes I do that in bed in the morning. But you can do it anytime in between. It’s really energizing.
It is important that you feel the tingling in your hands for a while after you have “washed”!
And you might even notice how the body feels more energetic overall.
Only with “washing” your hands? Yes, only with that!
Why? Because 6 energy channels flow through the hands, which are stimulated.
In addition to the flow of energy, blood circulation is also promoted if done correctly.

And so it works:
“Soap” each other hand
Pretend you’re lathering your hands really thoroughly. Let your hands work on each other – just like you wash your hands. One hand washes the other and vice versa. Always alternating. (Incidentally, you can use this method to turn real hand washing into a ritual so that you can really enjoy it)

The outside of the hand
In the second pass you work with the thumb of one hand on the back of the hand. And you also stroke the fingers with the thumb of the other hand a couple of times from the base of the finger to the fingertip. Then switch hands.

The inside of the hand
Now it’s the turn to the inside of the hand. Again, use the thumb of your other hand to rub the entire palm thoroughly.
Then rub the fingers of the other hand with your thumb a few times from the base of the fingers upwards. And then switch hands.

Enclose fingers
Now comes something very nice: you encircle your thumb with one hand and finger after finger, turning each finger a couple of times in the enclosing hand. Then switch hands.

Massage your fingers:
If you like, take each finger again and work it from top to bottom with the thumb and index finger of the other hand. Always massaging the finger up and down a few times. That’s so good! If the fingers could talk, they would say: “Yes, very nice, keep it up …” (Well! … :))

Don’t forget your wrist
Finally you can work on your wrist and enclose it with the other hand and turn both back and forth against each other …

So, and now put your hands down and relax and just feel the warmth and vitality in your hands, arms. Maybe that even your whole body feels energized. Enjoy the soothing relaxation for a while …

Which body points can also help?
When you notice the first signs of a cold, you can do the dots for 1 minute each time
LI4 (between thumb and forefinger) and

Lu9 (on the forearm) with the index finger of the other hand
Initially, massage it back and forth and then let it rest for a while.
Then you switch hands and repeat that for about a minute each time.
Before treatment, take 3 deep breaths to calm down.
And it is best to stay relaxed for at least 1 minute after the treatment.
It sounds so simple, but it has a profound effect on the body. I myself have already used it several times to ward off an emerging cold. You can continue the treatment a couple of times on the first and the following day.
The point LI4 is the most famous point on the body (acupuncture point). I myself experienced the blessing of this point when I had a lumbago and someone treated me on this point for a minute on each hand. A quarter of an hour later the lumbago was gone. That impressed me so deeply that it was the beginning of learning acupressure and acupuncture.
You can find out more about the (professional) treatment of a cold here

What else?
Yes, there are the arms and legs, and the stomach and the back and the head.
You can edit them yourself. For example with stroking, massaging and tapping (light knocking or clapping).
More about this here …

Freestyle Dancing
To energize the body through (a little crazy) dancing.

With real music or, if necessary, with imagnined music … in the morning … or in between …
Please refer here.

Finally, as everywhere on this website, the following applies of course:
If you have any problems, contact your doctor or alternative practitioner.

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