Freestyle Dancing = “The Dance of the Body!”
Sounds crazy. It is. But it’s fun! And is healthy!

Circulation, organs including the “thinking organ” brain, glands, digestion, lymphatic system and skin …
Everything benefits from the energy and the joy that are triggered by the “Body Dance”.
Don’t look at what others are saying – look at what your body is saying (wanting) …
Do your own thing!
(Freestyle Body Dance)
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Yes! Is everything still okay with you?

(Freestyle Body Dance – What your body always wanted to do …)

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1. Preparations
First, get a few rhythmic favorite pieces of music from the Internet, which you can download and drag to your desktop or get easily accessible as an app on your mobile phone. For example, I love the freely available and very rhythmic “The best Indian chillout”. It’s best to go straight to minute 7 and at the end stop the music whenever you want or – at the latest at minute 12.

Turn on your speaker or put on headphones so you don’t annoy the neighbors. (There are headphones, for example, where you can insert a small memory card where you can save the music you want. If that might be an option for you, then just ask Saturn or Mediamarket or wherever.)

2. Let’s go!
Turn on the piece of music. And start slowly while sitting near your table.
Just let yourself be stimulated by the rhythm of the music …
First you notice how your upper body slowly begins to sway back and forth …
Then the hoes alternately begin to move rhythmically up and down …
Gradually the arms begin to move with relish in the open space …
Finally, the impulse comes to get up and continue standing.
Your body now wants to take its first rhythmic steps …

3. “Speak” with your body
Get completely involved in your body and feel its movement impulses.
Talking inside to your body can be fun. You inside could greet him first.
For example with “Hello, dear body (friend)! Show me what you really want to move next – really! …”

Then he may respond with impulses in the direction of the legs or arms that want to be moved alternately or together. So let yourself be inspired by the body how every part wants to move with the rhythm, whether calm or completely crazy. Hopping from one leg to the other, then flinging each leg up backwards, or away to the side, turning, swinging the whole body back and forth … move your elbows very rhythmically up and down or sideways or with your arms lively waving in the air or whatever …

4. Just have fun!
Just have fun with the creativity of your body!
Let yourself be led or seduced by him, even if the movements become more and more lively.
It is not you, but your body that takes over the direction!
There are always moments of total surprise in it that bring joy and pleasure.
In the end, you (your body) might want even to hop around the living room
or even through the whole flat! ….

5. From 4 to 94!
Even old people (the vision of an old people’s home is just coming to me) can move their bodies a little, maybe bob their shoulders up and down or swing their arms happily, to feel a little more peppy after the music or, if necessary, according to their own inner melody move. The body dance is a real recommendation for everyone! From 4 to 94!

6. Already in bed in the morning …
You can even start in bed in the morning and let your body seduce you into small movements. So slowly move your arms slightly in the air first, then rock your (upper) body in bed.
You may soon want to “fire away” the blanket (ie push it to the side) and alternately move your legs in the air … If you do that, you will possibly get up more happily than ever before! Your body and you – you will probably shine in competition … The music? Well, maybe you can just imagine it in bed in the morning?

– The dance of the body usually triggers pure joy.
– By the way, you get a nice inner connection to your own body.
– The circulation is stimulated.
– Digestion too.
– You feel energetically charged and full of energy.

Just give it a try!

The good thing about body dance is not only that there are no fixed rules and that you let your own imagination floating, but also that there is actually no excuse not to move, because you don’t have to go jogging you don’t need a fitness studio, there is no weather dependency, etc. You can do it anytime, anywhere. And if you don’t have any music at the moment, you can hear the rhythm or a melody internally or sing with some invented sounds, right?

Be brave and be the first to do it in your office during a break. If you stick to your inner joy and enthusiasm, then you may even infect the biggest “grouch” … if necessary with an inviting hint to take part! You can declare it as the latest “move from America”: “Body Dance! – The daily office break filler!”. Perhaps your body, like a child, is happy about its own funny ideas …

In this way, the body dance could even become a “national sport” (fitness for everyone).
In the office, at home, in the forest, on the meadow … sitting in the bathtub … (oh no, that might be a little exaggerated … :))

Have fun! Start now! It’s Freestyle Time …!