Strengthening interconnections as a whole (meridian therapy)


Healing movements, body points, breathing techniques and attitude changes

Kidney Energy Meridian

How can the kidney energy channel be sustainably strengthened with simple movement sequences?
The answer is: Through regular, simple exercise exercises. These can be carried out comfortably at home as accompanying exercises to other forms of therapy. That is a decisive advantage.
Although the exercises are very simple, not all people are willing to do physical exercises. It’s best to choose the therapies that are right for the person you want to treat.
What benefits a regular kidney meridian therapy has can be found below when you click on Benefits ….
In the baseline area, suitable methods are recommended for all meridians and for most treatments.
They serve to set or conclude a treatment and are intended as supportive measures.
Choose the methods that you find appropriate for the person.
The sometimes very well-sounding names are the Chinese original names and founded in the old tradition.

General Information about the Energy Channel Kidney