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Akupunkturpunkte finden Acupuncture point (body point) Location? Effects? Click here.
Akupressur Enter a symptom and find the suitable acupuncture points (body points)
Tuina Point Press (treatment by finger pressure), Massage, etc.
Yin Yang Recognize patterns: for advanced
Yin Yang New Graphics
Akupunkturpunkte Liste My treatment site with my selected points
Elemente Kreis Knowledge (general questions, elements, special points, etc.)
Puls tasten Recognize different pulses by touching? Can you see on the tongue physical imbalances?
Homöopathische Mittel finden Warehouse (Treasure trove): Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Qigong etc.
Why I like to use this page
I do not want to miss the acupuncture page. One has always immediately all points. Their location and their effects
Healing Practitioner
I am interested in the field of "Knowledge" in particular. The interrogative form is ideal for learning.
My compliments! High quality, simple and immediate access to the acupuncture points. attractive graphics - all this makes the daily work much easier.
I do massage, shiatsu and acupressure. Just great, how soon I can see all the needed information. I also use my phone for quick look up. I also like Point Press and the "Treasure trove".
Interested layman
Your website has helped me in my education training so that I have successfully passed my exam. Many thanks for that.
Healing Practitioner