Treatment tips

Point Press for Lovers


Point Press

Energize “Sea of ​​Vitality”

The two points do honor to your name. They create a sustainable strengthening of the lower back. Their treatment radiates a warming energy into the lower abdomen and the reproductive organs. The dots are also known in technical jargon as B23 and B47.

The dots lie side by side on the back left and right next to the spine at the level of the belly button.

Treatment: While standing, knead or push the muscle strands to the left and right of the spine.

Or you gently rub your hands up and down next to the spine, so that a pleasant warming feeling is created.

When lying down, you can work on the game with loose fists and gentle pressure.

Duration: about 1 minute

The partner breathes deeply and relaxed into the area.
Talk to the partner about what he feels most comfortable and effective.

Feel how pleasant warmth and energy spreads from there to the lower abdomen and beyond.