1. Well-being exercises (relaxing by the sea, in a meadow, a dose of love)

2. Breathe well  (calming, invigorating, stimulating intuition)


Breathing as a targeted healing method has been far too little attention. Considering that there are many yoga sources that say that certain breathing techniques can cure 99 percent of all illnesses, it’s worth digging into it. After all, I have seen with my own eyes, based on results from blood tests, that the measured values ​​have shown a significant decrease in diabetes to normal after only 10 days of exercise.

Other advantages include: The lung function is improved. The body is supplied with more oxygen. The blood is purified. The heart is strengthened. The intestines, veins and nerves are cleansed.

Breathing is also interesting because it reflects every stronger feeling in the breathing process. In other words, with a trained eye you can already tell from the type of breathing which emotion prevails in a person being observed. In addition, certain breathing techniques can lead to a deep soothing and relaxing. In addition, the intelligence can be promoted by breathing. Intuition and creativity can be improved. Finally, certain breathing techniques are used to better turn inward to get in touch with the inner self in meditation.

The type of breathing techniques that can be used for this purpose are called pranayama. Pran means life energy. And ayam is translated as develop or improve. After reading each technique, take a moment to try out the method itself.

First simple breathing exercise
As you inhale, count to 6 and while you exhale, also to 6.
You can choose the speed of counting yourself.

You can do this little exercise in bed early in the morning.
Or else, of course, always in between.
Benefits: Simultaneously soothing and invigorating.
More oxygen invigorates and calms the deep breath.

Do at least 2 – 3 deep, relaxed breaths this way

The alternating breath purifies the energy channels. He cures colds, coughs and headaches.
He relaxes. The mind becomes calm and peaceful.
Sensory organs, nerves and other body systems are cleansed.
Number: 10 breathing cycles

1. Close right 

Inhale Left

2. Close left 

Exhale right 

3. Stay closed left

Inhale right

4. Close right

Exhale rigth

When breathing in, count to 4, and exhale to 8.

Variant 2:

Here, during every 10 breaths, the left nostril is closed and only breathed through the right nostril. Advantage: has a warming effect. Helps in the cold.

Variant 3:

Here, the right nostril is held during every 10 breaths and breathed only through the left nostril. Advantage: has a cooling effect. Helps with high blood pressure.

Kapalabhati (also called Kapalbhati)

Cleans the head, eyes, ears, nose, throat and central nervous system.
It improves memory, concentration, self-confidence, willpower, reduces negative thinking and lethargy.
Also stomach problems are solved.
Number: Start with 10 times. And then increase to 25. After all, it can be a few hundred.
Be careful not to overdo it. So get started slowly. The head should stay relaxed.

Inhale normally and
exhale with force through the nose, as if you want to blow out a candle with your nose.

Number: 20 -30 breaths. Then take a break. And if necessary repeat the cycle 2 – 3 times.

Benefits of Kapalabhati:
– More oxygen gets into the blood and thus into the cells.
– This leads to a purification of all cells!
– Acidification is reduced!
– The metabolism is stimulated!
– Important organs are massaged: liver, stomach, spleen, intestine!
– The lungs and all airways are cleaned!
– The cycle gets going!
– The heart is strengthened!
– Diabetes levels are lowered

– The feelings are also “purified” (feeling of freshness)
– fatigue disappears
– More mental clarity
– Improved intuition and creativity

Humming bee

Both thumbs close the ears. The mouth is closed. Likewise the eyes.
While exhaling, a sound is hummed. For example “mmmm” …

Number: 20 breaths.