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Acupuncture points and energy channels in the body are more current than ever. Everything in the body can be influenced energetically. Treatments that have been tried and tested for thousands of years are described here. Even one single point can often have beneficial effects.

Just by laying on a finger or massaging poinrs, flows energy. Points can be treated with needles (acupuncture), hands (acupressure), interesting devices and plasters.
They can have a healing effect on both the body and the mind.
Here you can find the best healing body points immediately.
No long searches, no many books, no tedious research on the Internet. All well-founded information at a glance. Everything is explained clearly.

And it is cheap, because you get the access to every body point with all informations for only 4 Dollars a month.

Anyone interested in body points can use the most comprehensive website on the Internet about acupuncture points (body points).

See also the current health tips for at home.
You only need your hands for treatment. You will find tips for more energy, performance and health. This includes fascinating breathing exercises, movements with a fun factor and tips for self-massage.
There are no side effects.

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Using Body Points


How it all started: About 20 years ago we wanted to do a shopping tour to Holland in one day. But I woke up in the morning and suddenly felt pain all over my body. It was a lumbago that can be very painful. I couldn’t sit, walk, or lie. Everything hurt. I had to cancel. Someone gave me a warming pillow, tried cherry stone pillows, herbal teas, relaxation exercises, etc. Nothing helped. After a while, a woman who had already read something about body points (acupuncture points) took my hand and pressed the famous pain point LI4 for 1 minute, and then again for 1 minute on the other hand. I was very skeptical. But about 10 minutes later the pain was gone and 5 minutes later I said, “Let’s start our shopping tour!” This experience made me so curious that I did an acupuncture and acupressure training with a Chinese doctor, which later enabled me to have many positive experiences with the body points for many people. I understood that it is a form of energy medicine, in which energetic body pathways – through the stimulation of body points lying on it – dissolve existing body blockages. The body channels have connection to all organs, glands and body regions. These are the healing possibilities of body points. Everything works energetically – without harmful side effects.