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You enter a symptom and:
get displayed immediately,
what points practitioners use for it.
what exact location they have
what effects the points have
– from western and eastern point of view

Suitable for
Acupuncture, Point Press (Acupressure),
TCM, massage, physiotherapy,
Shiatsu etc.

You will learn everything about Acute points,
Alarm points, Harmonizing points
Points to strengthen the elements
Water, Fire, Earth, Air and so on …

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, all points (with western and eastern
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Latin location descriptions)

, all symptoms with each
recommended points

Plus special treatment tips for point press on areas of the body, on common diseases.
For children, psychology of points, meridian therapy, respiratory therapy, exercise therapy
(Extended version)

1. Special treatment tips
for head, neck, back, arms, legs, digestion, sleep soundly, relieve stress, cold, tooth, menstruation, nervousness & anxiety …

2. Point Press for lovers
Increases feelings of love and pleasure, brings new impetus, what makes a man / woman so special …

3. Treatment of children
Fever, stomachache, restless sleep …

4. What to do? Allergies, overweight, regulatory disorders, hypertension, sleep disorders …

5. Do organs have psychic meanings?
Kidney, liver, heart, intestine … psychologically interpretable?

6. Meridian-related additional therapies
Respiratory therapy, Movement therapy, psychotherapy

7. Treatment with biophotons
Healing-promoting chips or patches?
How do you use them? What to do with electric smog?

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Free supplement for pulse or tongue diagnosis
Occasionally check? What the tongue reveals about the gut or the heart, the liver, the stomach, the lungs or the kidneys? Very interesting. Or compare the pulse of different people. You will be amazed at the differences. Both offer even more security in a diagnosis …

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Interested in TCM?
With overview tables
(Full Version)

3. All important TCM patterns

You may also want to experience the successful point combinations for many ailments such as General weakness, osteoporosis, restlessness, back problems, allergies, shoulder-arm syndrome, and hundreds of other ailments.
This is where the whole world of TCM opens up for you.

All body complaint patterns
(what is a liver-yang excess, water excess, kidney yin deficiency, etc. How is this treated)?
With the appropriate symptoms
and points per pattern
Important questions and answers prepared pedagogically, see menu item TCM

But please with the overview tables!

In addition, you still get all the advantageous overview tables and you can at a glance (!) recognize the clinical pictures. This includes 3 excellent overview tables for each meridian, which would normally require many Monats of study to compile a sound foundation:
the TCM symptoms table,
the TCM points table and
the table for the appearance of tongue and the feeling of the pulse.

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, all overview tables, including
Tongue and pulse state per pattern!
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