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Complete version with points, graphics, symptoms, psychology, body patterns, tables, example treatments
For only 9 Dollar monthly I order the unlimited immediate access to the worldwide most extensive information system on the Internet about body points. It includes
. all points (with western and Chinese point of view)
. all graphics (with Englisch, instead of Latin position descriptions)
. all symptoms with the points recommended in each case
. point press (acupressure, massage, shiatsu, tuina etc.)
. all psychic effects of the meridian and the body points
. all body patterns (e.g., liver yang excess, water excess etc.) with the suitable symptoms and points per   pattern
. all useful overview tables for patterns and points including tongue and pulse state patterns!
  All points and symptom patterns are recognizable at the first glance.

Termination is possible at any time by sending a short email.
With the order I receive as a present " pleasant point massages - at one glance" as a pdf file.
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