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Head, neck, throat, thyroid
A video that is enjoying.
It is schown how the energy gets permeable for the energy to pass from the neck to the head.
If you follow the instructions, you will feel an immediate
strong revival of the head and neck. According to the author, you can
"make wise decisions." afterwards.
Treated are the neck muscles, the sides of the neck
just below the head and CV17, the sea of tranquility.
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Treatment of the thyroid.
With hyperthyroidism one often becomes lean.
With low thyroid activity, one puts on weight.
It is a complaint that quite often occurs.
In the video below, a consideration of the point K27
is presented. No rubbing, no moving, just holding.
An effective point also with shallow breathing, self-doubt,
constant self-criticism and pessimism.
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Psychology: nervousness, stress, anxiety, Better Sleep
Acupressure for nervousness or anxiety.
Here, the point CV17 associated with belly breathing is demonstrated. Which is important
for the optimum effect of CV17.
In addition, H7 is shown as an important point
with anxiety, insomnia, stress, etc.
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A Better sleep.
If you can not sleep, then why not to try
just the following points shown here.
TW15, (approximately) K1, LV3, B10, H7, Lu9
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Acupressure for stress: The following video is in the beginning of something
lengthy. 1 cun = 1 thumb width, 2 cun = 3 finger widths,
3 cun = 5 finger widths. The video shows it elaborately.
But later there are shown some effective techniques for calming
with the points Pe6, K6, LV3 and effective stroke massage
at wrist and finger tips
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Diabetes, acid-base balance
Diabetes frequency increases from the 50th on.
The following video helps with diabetes.
Treated are KG6, M36 and MP6.
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Treat facial massage with Point Press
B2, G1, St2, M4, GV27, CV24. For the exact meaning and
effects of the points, see "Points" in the Main Menu above
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