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The 50 most important points for acupuncture, acupressure, massage, tuina, shiatsu, etc.

What are the 50 most important body points for acupuncture, acupressure, massage, Tuina, and so on?

If you know these points with effects and location, then you can already treat 90 percent of all complaints.
Therefore, we have compiled the points here again for clarity with their main effects.
That is the basis on which you can later build up step by step. Ideal for learning. To gain certainty.
(You may learn every day or every week one meridian with the 3 - 5 most important symptoms for each point)
The position of the points and other important descriptions you can see, if you click on the points.
  Kidney   Liver   Spleen   Heart    Pericard    DE    Small Int    Large Int    Stomach    Gallbl    Bladder   CV   GV
Most important points of the Gallbladder-Meridian


Head and neck pain, hip pain,
Swelling in the ankle, foot, under the armpits, of the lymph nodes,
Leg cramps,
constant hesitation, indecisiveness, tightness,
Fever, cough, shivering,
Pressure on the chest, pain near the meridian line, cystitis,
Connective tissue weakness


Brings energy from the head and abdomen into the legs, one-sided headache. Migraine,
G34 strengthens muscles
Nervousness, lability,
Pain and cramps in the knee, in the thighs,
Tension in the shoulders, chest and flanks,
Gallbladder disease, indigestion, nausea, vomiting,
bitter insipid taste,
Constipation, fullness feeling, diarrhea,
important at any stagnation of liver energy,
with bloated face,
High blood pressure,


Cold, runny nose, nasal congestion,
Headache (forehead, temples, back of the head), migraine, dizziness,
Neck pain, neck swelling, stiff neck,
Sinusitis, epistaxis, tinnitus, hearing loss,
Eye tension disorders, blurred vision, myopia, conjunctivitis,
Cramps, fever, without sweat,
Back and lumbar pain,
Thyroid enlargement,
lowers high rises, low blood pressure


Sciatica, sciatica, low back pain, hip problems,
nerve and muscle tension, rheumatism,
energy blockage in the meridians, puffy red swollen arms and legs