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The 50 most important points for acupuncture, acupressure, massage, tuina, shiatsu, etc.

What are the 50 most important body points for acupuncture, acupressure, massage, Tuina, and so on?

If you know these points with effects and location, then you can already treat 90 percent of all complaints.
Therefore, we have compiled the points here again for clarity with their main effects.
That is the basis on which you can later build up step by step. Ideal for learning. To gain certainty.
(You may learn every day or every week one meridian with the 3 - 5 most important symptoms for each point)
The position of the points and other important descriptions you can see, if you click on the points.
  Kidney   Liver   Spleen   Heart    Pericard    DE    Small Int    Large Int    Stomach    Gallbl    Bladder   CV   GV
Most important points of the Large Intestine-Meridian


Helps with pain of any kind,
Migraine, headaches with G20, facial pain, dental pain with M44,
Abdominal and back pain,
mental exhaustion,
Constipation, diarrhea,
Sore throat, runny nose first signs, runny nose, nasal congestion with LI20, coughs, colds, flu with Lu7 and TW5,
Fever, shivering,
stiff neck,
Blurred vision, conjunctivitis,
irregular periods
Hypertension with LV3,
Skin rash, acne, eczema,
Insomnia, anxiety, allergies


Helps with runny nose, 2nd stage of a cold, with every inner heat, opens surface,
Sore throat, throat tightness, loss of voice,
Headaches, migraines,
Tennis elbow,
Skin disorders (skin itching, inflammation, rashes, psoriasis, ulcers),
Menstrual disorders,
Intestinal disorders, constipation, appendicitis,
Shoulder, arm, bone inflammation,


Nasal diseases, common cold (runny or stuffy nose), hay fever,
Maxillary toothache, gum disease,
Facial skin complaints with itching,
Shortness of breath, asthma