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     General comments on the back
Back problems are very common. In general, there are unilateral pressures, which lead to an unilateral forming or degeneration of muscles. A remedy are exercises that build the muscles evenly on both sides. With these exercises, you can start gently, and gradually you can increase it.
furthermore, you may by massage and point press, as they are shown below , get very soothing effects and achieve a stability of the back-promoting muscles.

We distinguish short term and long term problems.

For the treatment of the back we have the following topics:
1. Soothing massages
2. Back to help long term
Causes for these deeper problems are:
Back pain by herniated disc, lumbago, untreated congestion, cold and humidity, kidney weakness, fatigue.
After the massage place a hot compress on the painful area.

3. Acute spinal help
Here pain occurs suddenly, by carrying heavy objects, awkward movements, working in the wrong posture.
After the massage place a hot compress on the painful area.
You can go through all the steps of chronic diseases and then you observe the additional features (see the following sections).

Special points for the back pain relief can help acute.

4. Special treatment: What to do with sciatica?
You can go through all the steps as in chronic diseases and observe the additional features. (see the following sections).
Open the three Yang on the leg
Each of the in the next sections recommended points (with the exception of the first point St30)press 20 - 30 times with the thumb or index and middle finger.
The treated person should breath relaxed into the points.
It helps to pay attention to the warmth and the energy flow in the leg.
Treat the affected leg.
Then Let some time to trace the effect.