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H7   Shenmen ( Tor des Geistes)

H7 Shenmen (Gate of the mind)
Press the Point or massaging it lightly or press it intermittently . On both sides one by one.
  If you push the point for a while, then you can feel a deep calm . The point stimulates the vital energy of the heart at the same time it is calming . The breath can deepen. Heat can spread. You can feel a wide-becoming, as if the body were expanding . The feeling of love, warmth and security can be promoted. You come to be within yourself, to be centered. Negative emotions such as control, severity, harshness can dissolve. The mind calms down .
H7 also takes the pressure off the region where K27 is located , ie. in the upper central chest region.
    Location: On the inner wrist crease , on the lower palpable tendon to the small finger side .
Grounding point of the Heart Meridian , Yuan - compensation point , supports , strengthens , sedates , calms heart qi ( shen ); cools heat, lowers Yang, eliminates pathological factors relating to the heart, frees the network pathes throughout the whole body. Helps with restlessness, instability, constant bad health , promotes safety and sense of stability .
  Physically :
Helps with fatigue , heart problems, shortness of breath, weakness of memory , wrist pain, hot or cold hands .
  Psychic experiences:
Helps with restlessness , nervousness , stress, over-excitability , nervous weakness, constant - Must Do , irritability, Depression , anxiety, apathy , absences , nervousness , test anxiety, Addiction, major mood swings , sleep disturbances, insomnia. The point calms the emotions and the mind. Mental blockages dissolve . Thinking relaxes. This may come back peace, joy and love. The point also helps with all addictions . A contact with the spiritual level can be perceived . The feeling of chaos ceases.
  Point combinations : KG13 assists in applied people K3 strengthens kidney energy (water element) and thereby can the heart ( fire element) calm . H7 , K6 (K3) and Sp6 complement each other to achieve this calming sustainable. Pe6 supports the calming effect , therefore promotes sleep.
For sleep problems help ( proven by clinical studies) : Pe6 , H7, Anmien ( extra point behind the ear on the skull approach) , Shimien ( Extra point on the sole of the foot at the level of both ankle ) LV3