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CV17   Called "atrial his chest", also "the palace of the heart-governor", "qi or lake or sea of tranquility (calmness)".

Frees jammed emotions, and the jam caused by physical problems can be resolved.
Keep your mind focused on the point, breathe slowly and deeply, until you get a feeling of space, be energetically filled up, and of a flow in this area.
It is the point at the heart chakra, which is located right in the middle of all chakras and thus has a harmonizing function. The point can lead to deep relaxation.
Location: In the middle of the sternum, in the line of the fourth intercostal space (under the fourth rib), in men between the nipples
CV17 balances a too much of energy (heating) or a too little (deficiency symptoms) out.
It leads to a deeper breath. The pulse reaches equilibrium, it is not too hard and not too weak.
Studies have shown that CV17 can lead the autonomic nervous system to normalize the heartbeat.
CV17 strengthens the organs in the chest area.

  • Mu point (point of the pericardium (heart sac))

  • Master point of the chest and

  • Connection point to pericardium, spleen, kidney, small intestine and Triple Warmer, ie a series of meridians.
    Helps with chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalance, heart problems, allergies (along with LI11, K27, St36), improves the immune system and regulates the thymus gland. It helps with asthma, with the recovery from injury.
    Psychic experiences:
    The point calmes within minutes. It protects against negative, emotional problems. One can treat oneself daily. It dismisses emotional stress and anxiety feelings. It calms an enraged mood and promotes relaxation. It helps with anxiety, depression, sadness.