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GV20   The meeting point of all meridians

Give it a try:
If you feel that you might need more energy in the head, then press GV20 for a minute or two. I am convinced that you will be amazed as you will perceive an enlivenment and increasing mental clarity as well as a pleasant feeling as if you inwardly have been widened. Is this an exaggeration? As I said, try it out yourself! (See below for exact location). Students of acupuncture stimulate the point before exams. Location:
Location: Follow the line of the two ear tips upwards. Where the two lines meet, there is GV20 in a small dent, which is known as the fontanel. Press or massage this point easily for about 30 seconds. Trace the pleasant effects for another few breaths.
GV20 (Baihui) promotes clarity of thought, memory, brightens, strengthens self-confidence, expands awareness,
calms the mind, regulates the rising Yang, clears the senses. It has a connection to the pineal gland.
Studies have shown that GV20 has a measurable invigorating effect on the body.
It is therefore a particular point, because it is "the meeting point" of all meridians.
It is often used as the start or as the end of a treatment, because it lightens the mood.
The point is very sensitive, so that even a slight application of a finger may be sufficient to achieve this effect.
According to ancient Ayurvedic tradition, the point is used to open the top of the chakra
It has an access to a spiritual experience. In any case, it may lead to a more intuitive thinking and a
clearer discernment.
GV20 is often used for headaches, blood pressure too low or too high, poor memory, weakness, dizziness, eye pain, red eyes, pale skin, rhinitis, colds, nervous weakness, cold limbs, cold sweat, cold, indigestion, hemorrhoids, heat phenomena, heart disease, arteriosclerosis, itching, lymph glands inflammation, dehydration, alcohol overdose, excessive period, sleepwalking, tremor, muscle twitching, sunstroke, bone marrow problems, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, epilepsy, psychosis, hysteria
Psychic experiences:
GV20 promotes an inner balance, calms exaggerated emotions.
The point brightens and psychologically reassuring
helps with anxiety, nervous exhaustion, depression, anxiety, nightmares, boredom, sleep deprivation, sighing, melancholy. If the point is blocked, then illusions are created, unsteady feelings, to feel like a victim.