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Complaints that can be treated with a strengthening the stomach meridian:
Fatigue, easy weary, weak arms and legs, slight sensation of taste, loss of appetite,
discomfort in the upper abdomen. Constipation, loose stools.
The stomach - Qi may increase in case of failure in the wrong direction, ie upwards.
Then arises heartburn, belching, nausea, stomach discomfort, bloated belly, cramping facial muscles,
aching neck muscles.
Pain of stomach, heart, rib pain, irritability, touch pain, a lot of hunger, restlessness, before eating,
dry lips, gingival pain, yellow or white coating on the tongue
Worse after eating or in heat
either rather meager, little muscles or more overweight,
Gastritis, cold legs and feet, swollen abdomen, belching, bloating after eating,
Worse in cold and damp

What belongs to the extended functional circuit stomach?
The stomach meridian is also responsable for sinuses, appendix, tonsils, mouth, thighs, face,
female breast, thyroid, ovaries
Cause: food intake in the stomach is disturbed.
Climate: Heat

Feeling: extravertiert, braucht viel Zuneigung, hat viele Affären, gierig, orales Verhalten „Liebe geht durch den Magen“,
extrovert, needs a lot of affection, has many affairs, greedy, oral behavior 'Love is going through the stomach "
cannot resolve to get involved, affection can badly accept, often concerned
often overdoes it, feelings of guilt, bad conscience, unfinished feelings with themselves carry around
In balance: find peace, freedom from danger, accept opposites

Taste: sweet

Element: earth

Most important points:

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