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Complaints that can be treated with a strengthening of the spleen meridian :
Feelings of weakness, heaviness, especially in the arms and legs Tiredness, weakness, digestive problems, hiccups, flatulence, stooped posture, Uterus, kidney, stomach lowering, weak connective tissue, cellulite, leg edema, varicose veins, central tongue area in the edges thicker than normally, lack of appetite, carnal body proportions, insufficient fat burning, but also slim and lean, upper abdominal pain, irregular period, pulse is empty, loose stools, skin changes, hormonal disorders Transportation of body fluids should be promoted.

Fibre: Muscles, connective tissue

Climate: Humidity

Feeling: think too much (brood), recognition only by performance, too many sweets

Taste: sweet

Element: Earth

Most important points:

Alarm point for the spleen is:  LV13
The point ist bei Lungen-Erkrankungen pressure-sensitive, schmerzhaft
bei Milz-Pankreas-Complaints, BeklemmungsFeelingen

In case of lung complaints the point is pressure-sensitive, painful
as well as with spleen-pancreas complaints and anxiety feelings

Acute point:  Sp8
By this point, acute Spleen symptoms are treated
It connects directly with spleen and pancreas
It strengthens both organs

Approval point:  B20
The point on the back activates blood and energy for healing

Yuan-point:  Sp3
The point has a balancing effect
it helps in emptiness, weakness
and sedates in case of overheating
Indigestion, flatulence, belching, joint pain, poor circulation in the legs.

Luo-point:  St40
Yuan Point Sp3 is supported by Luo Point St40
(Couples colon with lung, which has a significantly stimulating effect)

Master point:  Sp5
The point stärkt Blutgefäße,
and is just like the alarm point pressure sensitive
In the connective tissue, menstrual disorders

Tonifying point:  Sp2
The point strengthens the Spleen in case of weakness

Sedating points:  Sp5 and  Sp9
The points calm
A powerful energy goes directly to the organs.
Sp5 cools and soothes heat

He-point:  Sp3
A He-point is a point of union between the inner and outer body.
A powerful, healing energy goes directly to the organs inside.